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Autumn Colour in Malta

Our ode to Malta in autumn with a snapshot of countryside in the ‘golden hour’. The season to walk and focus your lens on inland Malta & Gozo.

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Walking in Malta: from cliff hangers to green valleys

Walking in Malta reveals stunning sea and inland views, heritage treasures and feats of geology. We’ve two give-away copies and a 20% discount on a walks guidebook.

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Shaping up for spring

Spring is shaping up nicely in Malta with a huge array of wild flowers in bloom. Get out and walk to catch them now, at their peak.

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Where the Wild Things Are: Il-Majjistral Park, Mellieha

Leslie Vella welcomes the creation of Il-Majjistral park in Malta’s unspoilt North, but hopes that it won’t be over-manicured and start sporting too many picnic tables.

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Sundays for culture vultures

Forget the regular tourist sights, try the Mount Carmel Psychiatric Museum or the gun battery on Comino for an excursion one Sunday soon. Join the Malta culture council’s tours for some tales of the unexpected.

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Mimosa moments

Mimosa in flower is the crowning glory of spring in Malta. Enjoy it while you can as like most spring flowers, it’s season is all too short.

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Malta’s Rites of Spring

Spring in Malta is fleeting. With so little to distinguish it from summer, we ask what goes into making a Malta spring – anything from spotting lizards to supermarkets’ seasonal offers!

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Sweetness and light: honey in Malta

Every Maltese school kid and tourist learns that the islands’ name derived from ancient Greek and Roman for ‘honey’. Well, possibly. But one thing for certain, honey has been produced here since Roman times. We discover a Roman beehive in a cave, and find today’s beekeepers giving honey a new lease of life here.

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Walking Qawra Point to Wignacourt Tower

Seafronts are never just seafronts in Malta. A walk from Qawra Point to Wignacourt Tower in St Paul’s Bay is not only good for the body, it’s also good for the soul. There are some fun things to spot en route!

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Far from the madding crowds

Despite being one of the most crowded places in Europe, Malta still offers many places with space and natural beauty in winter.

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Bella Vista: top panoramas in Malta

Winter is ideal for making the most of the Maltese Islands’ spectacular views. This is a reminder of places to point a camera lens, catch sunsets, or to just imprint the scenery on your mind.

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A Walk by Grand Harbour

Saturday in the city of Valletta isn’t all about shops and cafes. Take the low road for once, and stretch your legs for a totally different view of Grand Harbour.

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Wild Rucola salad days are here

That’s not a weed, it’s wild rocket, and perfectly edible as a salad leaf. Instead of buying a bag of ready-washed ‘rucola’ from Sicily, go for a country walk and pick some for free!

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The Sea Squill: the first flower of autumn

The Sea Squill is remarkable not only for its name but also for being the first flower to rear its head after Malta’s long hot summer.

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