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Nenu at the Maypole artisan bakery

Simple tastes

Maltese bread by artisan baker Nenu. A video to warm the heart. Insider view of baking the daily loaf.

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The long Good Friday

Good Friday in Malta is a cocktail of processions, rattles and carcades to seven churches.

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Malta’s traditional food: healthly or not

Traditional Maltese foods – do they turn up in our kitchens still or just on the menus of some quaint, touristy restaurants?

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Of folkore and myths in Malta

We’re a superstitious lot in Malta. Melanie Hart’s article is the first in a series on myths and all things folklore

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A goat and a trip down memory lane

Vignettes of Malta’s quainter, more rural past still exist today. But are becoming as rare a sight as a Maltese goat and goatherd.

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Pastamania, especially for nanna’s spaghetti

Guest writer Nanette Johnson remembers a favourite recipe her Maltese nanna would make in a flash. It uses the most humble of left overs – spaghetti – so it’s true to Maltese frugality and resourcefulness.

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How to survive (and thrive) in village life in Malta

Village life in Malta. It’s not for everyone, but does have its charms.

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A Glimpse of Rural Life in Urban Malta

Malta is beginning to relish its rural past. We caught a glimpse of it in action, both real, recreated and reenacted, at Siggiewi village’s annual agricultural fare.

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Tale of a Maltese Bagpipe Player

The story of a quest to find one of Malta’s last bagpipe players, and how it brought the islands’ traditional music back to life.

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Of Falcons & Medieval Festivals

No longer a native, and on display only. But Maltese falcons were once the finest, most sought-after bird of prey in Europe. See them in action though, as Malta revives the art of falconry.

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