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May weather in Malta, bursting with promise

Weather watch: Malta in May

May in Malta is a joy. The last green and pleasant days before summer’s searing heat.

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snail in lilly

Shaping up for spring

Spring is shaping up nicely in Malta with a huge array of wild flowers in bloom. Get out and walk to catch them now, at their peak.

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Born Wild: Malta’s crown daisy

It’s so common, we rarely give it a moment’s glance. But the Maltese Chrysanthemum is one of nature’s born survivors, and a sign that spring is soon to be summer.

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Lavender blue, dilly dilly…

Our flower of the month for April in Malta is lavender. Forget it being an old lady’s scent. Lavender is the ultimate heady Mediterranean perfume!

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Mimosa moments

Mimosa in flower is the crowning glory of spring in Malta. Enjoy it while you can as like most spring flowers, it’s season is all too short.

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Let there be Light

Calling all you early risers. Spring Equinox at Mnajdra Temples, 20 & 21 March. Heritage Malta is opening up at 05.15 for a lucky 40 early birds.

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Malta’s Rites of Spring

Spring in Malta is fleeting. With so little to distinguish it from summer, we ask what goes into making a Malta spring – anything from spotting lizards to supermarkets’ seasonal offers!

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Spring walks & fields of gold

Spring is the perfect time to don walking boots. Enjoy fields of gold, crystal light and the all-to-brief green waysides before summer’s parching heat sets in.

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