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Expats & rentals in Malta: advice

Relocation to Malta: rental advice for the unwary expat

Relocation to Malta seems on paper very easy. But there are always the hidden extras, especially when renting a property, that only an insider can give tips on.

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Flatscanner free property search in Malta

Property in Malta: resident launches ‘no agent’, free online search

Malta expat’s innovative ‘no agent’ property website, Flatscanner, is set to revolutionise our experience of property search and sales online.

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Holiday visitors might pay over the odds, but if you're in Malta longer, you'll soon find out where to shop for bargains.

Budget for your stay in Malta

Need to budget for living in Malta? We list ballpark costs for renting property, shopping, entertainment and bus travel to help you plan.

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Old Gozo Farmhouse for sale: one man's quest to sell his property himself, online.

Gozo farmhouse for sale – how’s that for a blatant ad?!

A blatant advert for a Gozo farmhouse? Not entirely. A good read about one man’s challenge of selling his property himself, online. Can he succeed?

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Tigne Point exclusive housing overlooking Malta's capital Valletta

Renting property in Malta: the sky’s the limit!

Renting real estate in Malta but no idea what property prices to expect for villas, flats, houses in countryside or in towns? Read on…

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Renting property in Malta

Renting Property in Malta: tenants talk

A tale of two tenants on renting property in Malta. If you’re looking to rent for more than a holiday let, this is a must-read.

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The only way is up? Malta’s high-rise property

We’ve limited space, we’re urban, we’re going up. But, asks architecture student Sergei Mikhailenko, are we going up for the right reasons? Are we creating a market for the high rise, or do we really need it?

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‘The King’s Speech’ in Malta

You’ve seen the film, now live the film set. In a gem of an old Valletta townhouse that merges designer-styled luxury with history’s faded charms.

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Going, going gone! Auctions in Malta

Get the bidding bug at one of Malta’s many house clearances and auctions. So long as you know the tricks of the trade. Annabel Mallia on auction antics in a guide for the newbie buyer.

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All Boxed In

Comparing Malta’s property to that of other countries is a hard task, especially if you’re moving here. So we give you a personal take on its value for money.

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Houses of character. You bet!

Thinking of renting a house of character in Malta or Gozo – a typical farmhouse? It’s not all bougainvillea around the door! But get to know their character, and you’ll probably be smitten though.

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