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Parparellu pastizzerija, Hammersmith, London

Parparellu: a very particular ‘pastizzerija’ near Putney

Parparellu, a Maltese cafe’ in London, creates snacks from the homeland with pride and panache. Joseph, the owner, talks to Malta Inside Out’s man in London.

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Food Icons: Pride and Pastizzi at Crystal Palace

The Australian Maltese have 24 types of pastizzi. Malta has just two. But Crystal Palace Bar, Rabat, has them at their traditional best and almost all day and night long.

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snail in lilly

Shaping up for spring

Spring is shaping up nicely in Malta with a huge array of wild flowers in bloom. Get out and walk to catch them now, at their peak.

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The heart of the nation

Malta, the tourism destination, is defined by the visitor’s experience not the tourist brochures. But what is that experience? Antonio Anastasi talks about the face, or faces, the Maltese nation portrays.

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Pierre J. Mejlak: in his own words

Pierre J. Mejlak is one of Malta’s finest young writers. He talks to Malta Inside Out about Gozo, writing, and his current sabbatical of sorts.

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Living with two tongues

Evarist Bartolo says that the education curriculum in Malta does not reflect the real state of play, where thousands of children are being brought up without a proper grounding in either Maltese or English.

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Losing sight of the coast

Evarist Bartolo, Shadow Minister of Education in Malta, on the need to look at our country and ourselves with new eyes.

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Malta’s Language Conundrum

Malta may have two official languages, English and Maltese, but unofficially it has an uneasy relationship with both. It just needs to let each language play to its strengths.

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Observations on a prehistoric statue

Sex and the statue. Age really doesn’t matter when it comes to oozing sexuality, as a c.5,000 year-old clay figurine in Malta’s National Museum of Archaeology demonstrates.

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5 Malta tourism clichés vs. reality

We look at the clichés that describe Malta in the tourism marketing blurb. Do we have year-round sun? Are we as friendly a nation as we’re portrayed in the brochures?

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The ‘five-languages-a-day’ poet

Maltese-speaking poet Antoine Cassar is a rarity in the world of literature; he writes in five languages, weaving them into single poems he calls Mużajki (mosaics). See him in action at Notte Bianca, 3 October.

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Notes from abroad – Maltese artist Lisa Falzon

Malta InsideOut is also about hearing from those who straddle being insiders and outsiders. We ask artist Lisa Falzon, now in Ireland, what makes her tick and what she misses about Malta.

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Breaking bread

The Maltese bread, or hobz biz-zejt, is a source of great pride and many a wide waist-line in Malta.

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Made in Malta Products

In this age of globalisation, some products are still unique to a place. Here’s our round up of stuff that shouts ‘Made in Malta’ at you and is part of the nation’s collective ‘heritage’.

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