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Mnajdra temples on Soltice morning

Malta with Children: Try out the Temples

Malta’s megalithic temples can fire kids’ imagination. Our guide to making the most of Hagar Qim, Mnajdra and Tarxien temples with kids in tow.

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Ice cream and more ice cream - kiddy summer heaven

Malta’s long summer holiday: Kids’ views

Kids on the good and bad bits of Malta’s endless sultry summer days.

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Swim Safely with Kids this Summer

If you want a truly relaxing holiday this summer with the kids in Malta, then take to the water with them. We’ve safety advice to help give you peace of mind but nothing beats being alert when kids and water are concerned.

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10 ‘what to do’ with kids on summer holiday in Malta

Kids need organising on a summer holiday if you’re to avoid moaning and groaning. We’ve ideas to make kids’ summer holidays in Malta a breeze.

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Childrens’ Events at Malta’s Museums

Hard-pushed parents get some help this weekend with a range of kids’ activities on hand at Malta’s museums and heritage sites. If you miss these, there’s still a lot of arts, crafts and heritage events going on for little ones.

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Holidaying in Malta with kids: visit Mdina

Mdina, one place in Malta that’s great for kids of all ages. It has enough in the way of history, odd-ball attractions, museums, tea & cakes, culture and (almost) car-free space to let kids’ imaginations run.

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Expat insights: kids moving schools

Moving to Malta can’t be done on whim if you’ve kids and schooling to think about. But as Angela May experienced moving here with her seven and 10 year olds, it might not be as traumatic as you think.

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It’s a comic Sunday in Valletta

Don’t waste Sunday lying in bed! Get up, and out and about in Valletta to catch some Halloween drama for kids, Malta’s first Comic Convention, and Baroque music in a gem of a chapel.

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Kids’ Mid-term Holiday: be creative!

It’s mid term holidays, already. Looking for something different for your kids to do? We’ve found some creative workshops that you might not be too late to join in!

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Expat insights: getting around & shopping

Malta is like ‘Brighton in the Med’ for many British expats, but there’s still a learning curve to life in Malta. An expat of three years talks about negotiating the basics – shopping and driving.

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How to keep a child busy for a working day in summer

Junior surprisingly not irritable or bored despite being in the office for four hours and having nothing special planned. Here’s how I survived.

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Rollerskates and burlesque

One of the first acts to kick off Malta Arts Festival was Barroco Roll. Yes, exactly that – Baroque burlesque on roller skates! Don’t miss other wonderful festival acts in the next three weeks.

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Thoughts on theatre for kids

Theatre productions aimed at kids are coming thick, fast and furious to Malta’s stages. We do a round up of some theatre groups to watch out for.

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Swings and Roundabouts

Lethal and legal? Some kids’ playgrounds in Malta leave a lot to be desired. We list the excellent and the not so.

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