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Bocci pitch Ghar Lapsi

Holiday in Malta among the Locals

5 ways to holiday in Malta experiencing life like a local. Ideas for the first-time and repeat visitor to participate in authentic Maltese life.

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No way we're opening for the next two weeks!

August shutdown: all Malta goes on holiday?

It’s August shutdown time of year for Malta’s firms. But are the islands still open for business?

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Holiday visitors might pay over the odds, but if you're in Malta longer, you'll soon find out where to shop for bargains.

Budget for your stay in Malta

Need to budget for living in Malta? We list ballpark costs for renting property, shopping, entertainment and bus travel to help you plan.

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farmhouse holiday rentals Malta and Gozo

‘Holiday’ home in an old Maltese farmhouse

We left our old stone farmhouse to holiday abroad. But perhaps we should have holidayed at home in Malta after all?

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Reasons to holiday in Malta in Winter

If the past two winters in Northern Europe are to go by, Malta should see even more winter holidaymakers if snow doesn’t stop air travel. But what do you do when you get here? It’s not all about winter sun…

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Good Guest Guide

Good guest – bad guest? Which will this summer bring your way if you live in Malta. And if you’ve visiting friends here, read on so you waive good-bye at the airport with ‘au revoir’ not an ‘adieu’.

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Malta, not all ‘good news’ holiday reviews

We reflect on the bad press Malta’s tourism gets online. “Malta has a unique character; many love it, many don’t,” said one reviewer. But is there more at heart?

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In the run up to Christmas, Maltese migrants start to return to Malta in their droves. It’s an annual phenomenon, made all the more evident by the size of the islands.

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How to choose your diving partner

A diving holiday in Malta is a social affair, with new friends made and old friends reunited. But your dive centre of choice will colour your exprience just as much. We’ve tips to help you choose it wisely.

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My kinda town: Xaghra, Gozo

When a busy lawyer and columnist swaps weekday life in Malta for a quiet bolt-hole in Gozo, you know he’s on to something. Andrew Borg Cardona on why he loves his weekends in Xaghra.

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Childrens’ Events at Malta’s Museums

Hard-pushed parents get some help this weekend with a range of kids’ activities on hand at Malta’s museums and heritage sites. If you miss these, there’s still a lot of arts, crafts and heritage events going on for little ones.

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Travelling to Malta: what to pack for winter

Forever summer? Judging by this week, it is in Malta. But plan your clothes packing for a winter holiday here with both sunshine and storms in mind.

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Holidaying in Malta with kids: visit Mdina

Mdina, one place in Malta that’s great for kids of all ages. It has enough in the way of history, odd-ball attractions, museums, tea & cakes, culture and (almost) car-free space to let kids’ imaginations run.

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Kids’ Mid-term Holiday: be creative!

It’s mid term holidays, already. Looking for something different for your kids to do? We’ve found some creative workshops that you might not be too late to join in!

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