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Siggiewi Maundy Thursday

Easter in Malta: a quick guide to Holy Week

A guide to Easter week in Malta & Gozo. From solemn spectacles and prolonged pageants to traditions, food and family rituals.

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Nadur Carnival, 2013. Photo: Mario George Vella

Carnival in Malta 2015: a light and dark affair

Malta’s carnival, love it or hate it, is here again. Kids love it, but it’s got a thoroughly adult and darker side that goes back centuries.

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horse riding in Gozo

Saddling up in the ‘Wild East’ of Gozo

Horse riding along cliff tops with sunsets and coastal views. The perfect land activity in Malta even if you’re a novice rider in the saddle on holiday.

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Lace-making in Nadur, Gozo, Maltese Islands

Nadur, Gozo: discover more than its carnival

The carnival party has left town, but what of Nadur, Gozo, the rest of the year? Elaine Gatt discovers a fascinating village in which to while away a day.

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Leslie Vella walking in Malta featured

Walking in Malta: from cliff hangers to green valleys

Walking in Malta reveals stunning sea and inland views, heritage treasures and feats of geology. We’ve two give-away copies and a 20% discount on a walks guidebook.

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Cathedral, Victoria, Gozo within Cittadella. Photo: Leslie Vella

The Masterful Master Plan for Cittadella

Malta loves Master Plans for heritage and the environment. Perhaps in Cittadella, Gozo, the master plan comes of age?

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Salt Gather in Gozo by Mario George Vella

The Salt Gatherers

Salt gatherers, rare and rarely captured like this. A centuries-old labour that reminds us Malta’s coast is not all marinas and hotels.

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Old Gozo Farmhouse for sale: one man's quest to sell his property himself, online.

Gozo farmhouse for sale – how’s that for a blatant ad?!

A blatant advert for a Gozo farmhouse? Not entirely. A good read about one man’s challenge of selling his property himself, online. Can he succeed?

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Essential Gozo: don’t day trip, stay over

On a rushed day trip, you’ll only scratch the surface of what Gozo is all about. We explain why it’s a must to stay there, even if just for one night.

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The Lightness of Living

Being small isn’t all bad. In fact, it can lead to a state of commuter bliss and regular coffee breaks.

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The Nadur Carnival

The Nadur Carnival has just happened. The run up to this year’s event was fraught with threats of censorship, police action and people marching as Jesus. The outcome was far tamer, sadly for some.

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Essential Gozo: where to eat

A quick, personal round up of the best no-frills eateries in Gozo. Andrew Borg Cardona takes us through the day – from morning cappuccinos to homely lunches and, if you’re still standing, evening dining too.

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My kinda town: Xaghra, Gozo

When a busy lawyer and columnist swaps weekday life in Malta for a quiet bolt-hole in Gozo, you know he’s on to something. Andrew Borg Cardona on why he loves his weekends in Xaghra.

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Food icons: Maxokk, Gozo

Maxokk in Nadur, Gozo is famous for its ftiras and pizzas baked in a traditional oven made from cast iron and heated by fire wood.

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