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Next door family for Sunday lunch!

Next door family…do you know yours in Malta? A Sunday lunch project aims to get Maltese families to invite non-EU families to join them at their home table in the spirit of togetherness and friendship. Have you some extra portions and spare seats? Then join in!

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Children’s ‘parties’ where harmony reigns

Find out about a small, but growing movement in Malta that’s committed to giving children of many nationalities a good time in a spirit of unity and harmony, with some of the party trappings as well of course!

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Food Icons: Cockney’s

Cockney’s in Valletta, Malta is not for the faint-hearted. But it’s a great place to go to if you love conversation, seafood pasta and a true Maltese dining experience.

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The Sunday Lunch Cog

The family Sunday lunch is a very Maltese phenomenon. It can be a buffet special at a hotel or a homely gathering around the kitchen table. Both are loud, multi-generational affairs.

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Holidaying in Malta with kids: visit Mdina

Mdina, one place in Malta that’s great for kids of all ages. It has enough in the way of history, odd-ball attractions, museums, tea & cakes, culture and (almost) car-free space to let kids’ imaginations run.

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A Pretty Bay, Malta style

A beach with a blot on the horizon. Pretty Bay would live up to its name, if it were not for the Freeport in front of it.

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Golden Bay

Great amenities. Easy to get to if you have a car; kid-friendly; and always busy with the exception of the odd weekday – though the depth of the sandy beach means that you generally find space.

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Paceville’s local beach

St George’s Bay beach, man-made but still quite a pleasant and picturesque, despite its proximity to one of Malta’s busiest, most urban areas.

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Memories of Maltese Home Cooking

There’s a lot of cultural insight into Malta to be had in the recipes a regular Maltese mum (or dad) puts together to feed the family. We hear some fun food stories from one family’s table.

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What’s in a Name? A Lot if it’s in Malta.

We’re asked time and again by foreign visitors why there seem to be so few family names in Malta. So, at Malta Inside Out, we decided to explain how the Maltese get round the naming game.

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