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Expats & rentals in Malta: advice

Relocation to Malta: rental advice for the unwary expat

Relocation to Malta seems on paper very easy. But there are always the hidden extras, especially when renting a property, that only an insider can give tips on.

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Malta Immigration

Citizenship by Investment in Malta

The citizenship by investment in Malta programme offers a highly vetted and valued scheme; a win-win for both third-country nationals and FDI in Malta.

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ACT Professional Services Malta

Taking up Residency in Malta: Expat Guide

Taking up residency in Malta requires doing some homework and fulfilling criteria, whether you are an EU or third country citizen. See our guide for expats.

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Expat inheritance tax - effect on your property in Malta

The Great Inheritance Tax Myth “Expats Are Exempt in Malta”

Inheritance tax can creep up on your idyll of an expat life in Malta if you don’t prime yourself early. Be forewarned for your forebears’ sake.

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Fishing bay in Malta

InterNations Expat Community in Malta

As expat community InterNations celebrates seven years in Malta on 30 September, we take a look at what it’s all about.

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Maltese festa nougat stall

Cost of Living in Malta: brief guide for [would-be] expats

How much is an average shopping basket? How much are apartment rentals? What about a meal out? Malta’s cost of living in a pocket-sized guide for expats.

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Cathy & James Ashton: new expats in Malta

Expat Focus: moving to Malta with business & family

Moving to Malta with a business not just family is a double whammy. One expat couple discovered it has highs and lows but potentially long-term rewards too.

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From penthouses to skies and sea, Malta may be small but it also does things big too!

Mighty Holidays to Miniature Malta

Malta holidays offer big experiences for small islands, says travel writer Michael Roberts. And a whole lot more than when he holidayed here as a child.

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Maltese flag

Expats Seminar: networking & doing business in Malta

Expats in Malta arrive at a rate of 3,000 a year. What awaits them? LEAD Events’ seminar, 26 Sept, aims to smooth their path. We’ve 4 COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS!

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Parparellu pastizzerija, Hammersmith, London

Parparellu: a very particular ‘pastizzerija’ near Putney

Parparellu, a Maltese cafe’ in London, creates snacks from the homeland with pride and panache. Joseph, the owner, talks to Malta Inside Out’s man in London.

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Internations Malta, connecting like-minded expats

Higher Education in Malta: when overseas students turn expat

Higher education in Malta offers overseas students more than a sound tertiary education. Living in Malta can become a permanent choice as they ‘go’ expat.

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next door family crop

Next door family for Sunday lunch!

Next door family…do you know yours in Malta? A Sunday lunch project aims to get Maltese families to invite non-EU families to join them at their home table in the spirit of togetherness and friendship. Have you some extra portions and spare seats? Then join in!

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The Donut Factory

Expats mean Business – starting a new brand in Malta

The first in a series on Expat-preneurs. Experiences of a French couple who’ve just launched a food-retail business and new brand here, The Donut Factory.

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Queen Victoria, Republic Square, Valletta. Photo: Leslie Vella.

Do Expats learn Maltese?

Do expats bother to learn Maltese? With English an official language, it’s hardly a requirement for living here. But some do. Here’s why.

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