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Malta’s divers & marine users volunteer to protect Cirkewwa

For 25 years, Malta’s amateur and professional diving community, which numbers 60,000 dive tourists a year, has been pressing for Cirkewwa, a gem of biodiversity, to be declared a protected marine sanctuary. Perhaps now they’re one step nearer?

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Act now to protect Malta’s marine life

Cirkewwa is a dive site gem of marine diversity. But not if illegal net and spear fishing continues. Join this call to action to have Cirkewwa declared a marine sanctuary.

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How to choose your diving partner

A diving holiday in Malta is a social affair, with new friends made and old friends reunited. But your dive centre of choice will colour your exprience just as much. We’ve tips to help you choose it wisely.

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Malta Diving Sites Map

An easy-to-use map of some of the most popular dive sites around the Maltese Islands for novices and experienced divers. Ideal if you’re planning a diving holiday in Malta, and want an overview of what to expect.

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Top 5 dive sites for beginners & the experienced

Our top five Malta dive sites that have something to offer both the novice and experienced diver. Take the plunge and the chances are you’ll spot grouper, barracuda, octopi and more.

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Underwater Photography keeps dive memories alive

Malta has everything you need for great underwater photography: dramatic underwater scenery, drop offs, caves and wrecks, plus, an abundance of marine life.

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Globe-trotting Divers rate Malta highly

Tonio Anastasi, one of Malta’s most experienced, well known and respected dive instructors on how globe-trotting divers say Malta’s waters are hard to beat.

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Why diving in Malta is the tops

Whether beginner or expert diver, read this and you’ll want to be diving in Malta all summer long! Malta underwater is teeming with life…

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