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Empty desk policy - same as it ever was in Malta's schools

Who let the kids out?

Malta’s school kids have just started their very long summer holidays. But at what price to their education and their parents’ pockets and sanity?

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Children’s ‘parties’ where harmony reigns

Find out about a small, but growing movement in Malta that’s committed to giving children of many nationalities a good time in a spirit of unity and harmony, with some of the party trappings as well of course!

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Malta’s Language Conundrum

Malta may have two official languages, English and Maltese, but unofficially it has an uneasy relationship with both. It just needs to let each language play to its strengths.

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Food for thought

A TED talk by Jamie Oliver on junk food and child obesity inspires us to take a closer look at the good fruit and veg available to us in Malta.

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Childrens’ Events at Malta’s Museums

Hard-pushed parents get some help this weekend with a range of kids’ activities on hand at Malta’s museums and heritage sites. If you miss these, there’s still a lot of arts, crafts and heritage events going on for little ones.

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Holidaying in Malta with kids: visit Mdina

Mdina, one place in Malta that’s great for kids of all ages. It has enough in the way of history, odd-ball attractions, museums, tea & cakes, culture and (almost) car-free space to let kids’ imaginations run.

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Expat insights: kids moving schools

Moving to Malta can’t be done on whim if you’ve kids and schooling to think about. But as Angela May experienced moving here with her seven and 10 year olds, it might not be as traumatic as you think.

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Kids’ Mid-term Holiday: be creative!

It’s mid term holidays, already. Looking for something different for your kids to do? We’ve found some creative workshops that you might not be too late to join in!

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How to keep a child busy for a working day in summer

Junior surprisingly not irritable or bored despite being in the office for four hours and having nothing special planned. Here’s how I survived.

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Thoughts on theatre for kids

Theatre productions aimed at kids are coming thick, fast and furious to Malta’s stages. We do a round up of some theatre groups to watch out for.

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Swings and Roundabouts

Lethal and legal? Some kids’ playgrounds in Malta leave a lot to be desired. We list the excellent and the not so.

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It’s child’s play at Playmobil

Playmobil Funpark has it’s uses as one of Malta’s few kiddy play parks. But parents sometimes have to grin and bear it!

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