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Malta Inside Out offers a range of partner options from banners to sponsored editorials as well as high profile slots in the homepage slider and featured categories bar. Our key difference compared to other sites in our sphere is our offer of unique, quality partner content that provides you with a permanent digital footprint for your products, services and brands.

We are not a skin-deep framework created solely for banner adverts (think listings’ sites or online directories). We have news, views, insider info and receive relevant comment and interaction from our users.

Our content watchwords are: RELEVANT, RICH & READABLE. This type of content – content with a human face – is the real lifeblood of the social web.  Google loves us  – natural, organic search is our top source of traffic.  After more than five content-rich years online, we’re well up in common search terms for Malta, especially those relating to expat affairs and interest.

A good honest read is what attracts audiences – your clientele – and sites that offer this content are where people are hanging out these days. If you partner us, you’ll have something relevant, timely and useful to say to our visitors. Less advert and more info that our site users seek.

We lever also on our active and loyal social media fan base to market your offer, thereby extending your reach and helping drive incremental traffic to your online presence. In essence, we act as an inbound marketing channel.

We offer:

1. Dedicated, partner editorials that are informative and intelligent (‘a good read’) and targeted at your audience.
2. Banner slots that are immensely flexible – site-wide or by category and even article. Set sizes, but also customised (max 300px wide, but of varying depths.)
3. Marketing on our active Social Media – using all our social media channels as inbound marketing to drive traffic to your online presence.
4. Highly-competitive rates – bundles, discounts and bespoke options. Our ‘One fee, online forever!’ option offers exceptional value!

Please contact us for our  site PARTNER INFORMATION & RATES and to see how we can help your campaign. 

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