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English Language Academy, Malta

English language courses in Malta: holiday & learn

As islands in the Mediterranean, with the allure of holidays and leisure time, Malta is an ideal base for learning English.

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Maltalingua, English Language School: adult course poolside.

English language school’s seal of educational excellence

Newcomer among Malta’s English language schools Maltalingua makes its mark on standards with ‘EAQUALS’ educational excellence award.

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St Julian's, Malta, Spinola Bay

Living in St Julian’s: property buying & rental guide

Need some help on property buying or renting as an expat to Malta? Try our guide to one of Malta’s most popular resorts, St Julian’s, for a head start.

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Cathy & James Ashton: new expats in Malta

Expat Focus: moving to Malta with business & family

Moving to Malta with a business not just family is a double whammy. One expat couple discovered it has highs and lows but potentially long-term rewards too.

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Learning English in Malta

Why Learn English in Malta?

The English language travel sector, one of Malta’s first niche tourism industries, is stronger than ever. Here’s why people still flock to Malta to learn English.

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Internations Malta, connecting like-minded expats

Higher Education in Malta: when overseas students turn expat

Higher education in Malta offers overseas students more than a sound tertiary education. Living in Malta can become a permanent choice as they ‘go’ expat.

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Learning differently: Waldorf schools emphasise creativity

Schooling in Malta: any room for alternative models of education?

Education, a hot topic. Especially now with the new National Curriculum. We hear from a parent who is keen to pioneer an alternative model of schooling in Malta.

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The Teotronica music robot

Science Brain-drain from Malta & one man’s mission

Science in Malta is seeing a brain drain. But what can halt the flow? Funding the brightest and best PhDs would be a start, says Edward Duca.

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school bag

Malta is back to school, finally!

Malta is back to school. Finally. Our children have among the longest summer vacations of all EU countries. The why and the wherefore?

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Malta’s Language Conundrum

Malta may have two official languages, English and Maltese, but unofficially it has an uneasy relationship with both. It just needs to let each language play to its strengths.

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Get up, stand up for people in need

Some Malta University students have come up with a way for the time poor, commitment shy among us to volunteer to help good causes; one that’s hard to refuse.

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3 minutes to be proud of: a film on diversity & inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two words being uttered more and more in Malta. But, few of us need think about what they really mean as we go about our daily life. Watch this schoolboy’s 3-minute film and you’ll scratch the surface of their meaning.

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Edward de Bono, Malta’s world brand

Edward de Bono, originator of lateral thinking, is Malta’s undisputed world personage and brand. We heard him speak, and, at 76, he’s still the consummate pro of old.

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Expat insights: kids moving schools

Moving to Malta can’t be done on whim if you’ve kids and schooling to think about. But as Angela May experienced moving here with her seven and 10 year olds, it might not be as traumatic as you think.

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