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Urban myths

Roses love our climate, but we seem to love them only on 14 February

Valentine’s Day Malta style…

Valentine’s Day is something to behold even in a Malta post-divorce law. We ponder the ritual from commercialism & commitment to the romantic & ridiculous.

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Malta in name. But what’s the connection?

Corto Maltese, Maltese dogs, Maltesers – but what, if any, is their connection to the Maltese Islands? Fact, fiction or a bit of both? We seek the degrees of separation.

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A Personal Jesus

Still need to put up your home Christmas decorations? Here’s how some go about it. The snatching of road side decorations: a good laugh or sad statement on the times?

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Peeling paint is quaint

Forget the DIY paint jobs on those Maltese doors, windows and balconies. Tourists probably love the quintessential Mediterranean look of peeling paint.

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Lights Out

On 2nd April 2010, Malta experienced its second total blackout in 2 weeks. It was also Good Friday.

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The long Good Friday

Good Friday in Malta is a cocktail of processions, rattles and carcades to seven churches.

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Preaching to the Converted: Pope Benedict in Malta

Will Malta’s parish priests get to meet the man or just see a papal wave from a high-speed Popemobil? More importantly, will Pope Benedict’s visit to Malta in April be more than just a rallying cry to the already faithful?

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In the run up to Christmas, Maltese migrants start to return to Malta in their droves. It’s an annual phenomenon, made all the more evident by the size of the islands.

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You can’t judge a book by its cover

The banning of a student publication by the Rector of the University of Malta has triggered an energetic debate on censorship laws in Malta. Andrew Galea offers a personal view of the heart of the matter.

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Why people move to Malta

In the past five years, there seems to have been an influx of people moving to Malta for work and quality of life. We list the new Malta tribes.

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The Yells, Bells & Smells of Malta today

We’ve listed our favourite yells, bells and smells that would no doubt tally well with those Lord Byron found when he made his now famous comment on Malta.

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Water Services with a Smile

No it’s not an oxymoron linking service with a smile in the context of Malta. Here’s a tale of two water men who redeem our faith in customer service.

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A window on the Maltese Character

The traditional Ghonella is long gone, but not so many a Maltese custom and characteristic! We look at those alive and kicking in Malta today!

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The Maltese are everywhere

They say there are six degrees of separation, but not when it comes to the Maltese. They have a habit of popping up in the most unlikely spots. Even Mount Everest soon!

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