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No way we're opening for the next two weeks!

August shutdown: all Malta goes on holiday?

It’s August shutdown time of year for Malta’s firms. But are the islands still open for business?

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Bocci pitch Ghar Lapsi

Holiday in Malta among the Locals

5 ways to holiday in Malta experiencing life like a local. Ideas for the first-time and repeat visitor to participate in authentic Maltese life.

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Kestrel injured in Malta

Birds love spring in Malta

Spring is in the air. Or perhaps not, if you’re an endangered bird on a migratory route over Malta. Spring hunting and spring migration discussed.

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Christmas 'Auguri' billboards from Malta's political parties

Billboard banter, billboard Santa…(and merry Christmas!)

The Christmas billboards of the political parties seem to have back-fired in our eyes. We mull over their banality, and wish you a genuine ‘Auguri’ from Malta Insideout.

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Scent of a Lemon

Malta’s lemons: always refreshing, uplifting and redolent of summer even if winter’s chill lingers on. We try our hand at preserving them.

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Nenu at the Maypole artisan bakery

Simple tastes

Maltese bread by artisan baker Nenu. A video to warm the heart. Insider view of baking the daily loaf.

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Undertaker cum taxi driver, Valletta, Malta. Photo: Alex Grech

The Grateful Dead

We love the dead, especially in November. The month Malta mourns its souls and tolls bells for its dearly departed.

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Luzzu under repair. Photo: Leslie Vella

The Cult of the Amateur

Malta has spawned global thinkers, opera tenors and snooker players. It has a talented, creative youth. But it relies on the hard graft of amateurs nonetheless.

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Maltese stone and pumpkins, complementary colours under autumnal sun

Pumpkin: Not just for Halloween

In Malta, a pumpkin is not just for Halloween, it’s for daily life – for stews and soups day in day out, not once-a-year lantern making.

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Fort Rinella reenactment

Do the Maltese protest?

Malta has not experienced any civil protests along the lines of Occupy Wall Street. We tabulate some of the possible reasons.

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Queen Victoria, Republic Square, Valletta. Photo: Leslie Vella.

Do Expats learn Maltese?

Do expats bother to learn Maltese? With English an official language, it’s hardly a requirement for living here. But some do. Here’s why.

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Siggiewi Festa preparations

Of Men & Saints: getting ready for a Maltese festa

A Maltese village festa sees mass mobilisation of community for a common cause – to celebrate the local patron saint. We marvel at this incredible show of community spirit.

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Speed camera Zebbug

Photo caption fun: God speed!

Photo caption please! We spotted this speed camera sign in Zebbug, Malta. God speed your imagination in writing a winning caption!

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Tent city, Malta

Suspended Lives: a film on real people, not ‘migrants’

What do most of us know of the lives of the refugees in Malta? The film ‘Suspended Lives’ interviews some we tend to label ‘migrants’. An insight into real lives and harsh realities.

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