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No way we're opening for the next two weeks!

August shutdown: all Malta goes on holiday?

It’s August shutdown time of year for Malta’s firms. But are the islands still open for business?

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Of Artists & Artisans: Stephanie Borg in focus

Black Friday signals the start of Xmas shopping. Looking for something local and different? Head to Artist and Creator Stephanie Borg’s studio for her Open Day, Sunday 30th November in Rabat.

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Bocci pitch Ghar Lapsi

Holiday in Malta among the Locals

5 ways to holiday in Malta experiencing life like a local. Ideas for the first-time and repeat visitor to participate in authentic Maltese life.

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Teodor Reljic [Photo: Jacob Sammut]

‘Two’ author Teodor Reljic interviewed

Teodor Reljic, Serb by origin, Maltese by adoption, publishes his first novel ‘ Two’. Set in Malta, exploring myth & reality through the eyes of a child.

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Isabel Warrington in Shirley Valentine, Malta, May 2014

Interview with Malta’s ‘Shirley Valentine’

‘Shirley Valentine’ on stage in Malta in this latest MADC production, early May. Actor Isabel Warrington on how not to get stuck in a rut!

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AAT Research, Neurotech company Malta

EU Year of the Brain & a pioneering neuro-tech company in Malta

With 2014 designated European Year of the Brain, we talk to AAT Research, an innovative young company in Malta working on ground-breaking, neurotechnology products in the spheres of autism, epilepsy and neuromarketing.

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The Craft of Shoemaking: a Made in Malta story

The craft of the artisan shoemaker is dying out. Giuliana Barbaro-Sant talks to Malta’s Jimmy Choo who plies his trade from a humble garage workshop.

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Fort St Angelo. Micro 'state' within a micro state.

A Knight of Malta in the making

Knight of Malta: When a US anthropologist finds his work drawing the attention of the Grand Master, it’s time to find out why.

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Abbey Road recreated. A day out with a fab six!

Talking Accessibility, not Disability

Valletta, European Capital of Culture – a spur to resolving long-standing issues of accessibility, not just to our capital and not just for culture?

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DO Cambodia

From Malta to Cambodia: a pioneering Malta-based NGO

A Maltese-based NGO is pioneering drama as a means to help disadvantaged street children in Cambodia. DO Cambodia, needs our help now!

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Kestrel injured in Malta

Birds love spring in Malta

Spring is in the air. Or perhaps not, if you’re an endangered bird on a migratory route over Malta. Spring hunting and spring migration discussed.

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recycle malta dog

Recycle Malta: a voluntary initiative that’s cutting our waste

Recycle Malta is a voluntary recycling initiative which sees one man’s waste another man’s needed item. Vote in its 1st Crafts/DIY competition for the most ingenious upcycled item! Prizes to win.

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Parparellu pastizzerija, Hammersmith, London

Parparellu: a very particular ‘pastizzerija’ near Putney

Parparellu, a Maltese cafe’ in London, creates snacks from the homeland with pride and panache. Joseph, the owner, talks to Malta Inside Out’s man in London.

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Roses love our climate, but we seem to love them only on 14 February

Valentine’s Day Malta style…

Valentine’s Day is something to behold even in a Malta post-divorce law. We ponder the ritual from commercialism & commitment to the romantic & ridiculous.

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