AAT Research, Neurotech company Malta

EU Year of the Brain & a pioneering neuro-tech company in Malta

With 2014 designated European Year of the Brain, we talk to AAT Research, an innovative young company in Malta working on ground-breaking, neurotechnology products in the spheres of autism, epilepsy and neuromarketing.

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Of Artists & Artisans: Stephanie Borg in focus

As the Malta Artisan Christmas Fair gets under way this weekend, 14 & 15 December at the Phoenicia Hotel, we speak to Stephanie Borg, artist and creator

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The Craft of Shoemaking: a Made in Malta story

The craft of the artisan shoemaker is dying out. Giuliana Barbaro-Sant talks to Malta’s Jimmy Choo who plies his trade from a humble garage workshop.

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Fort St Angelo. Micro 'state' within a micro state.

A Knight of Malta in the making

Knight of Malta: When a US anthropologist finds his work drawing the attention of the Grand Master, it’s time to find out why.

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No way we're opening for the next two weeks!

August shutdown: all Malta goes on holiday?

It’s August shutdown time of year for Malta’s firms. But are the islands still open for business?

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Abbey Road recreated. A day out with a fab six!

Talking Accessibility, not Disability

Valletta, European Capital of Culture – a spur to resolving long-standing issues of accessibility, not just to our capital and not just for culture?

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DO Cambodia

From Malta to Cambodia: a pioneering Malta-based NGO

A Maltese-based NGO is pioneering drama as a means to help disadvantaged street children in Cambodia. DO Cambodia, needs our help now!

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Kestrel injured in Malta

Birds love spring in Malta

Spring is in the air. Or perhaps not, if you’re an endangered bird on a migratory route over Malta. Spring hunting and spring migration discussed.

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recycle malta dog

Recycle Malta: a voluntary initiative that’s cutting our waste

Recycle Malta is a voluntary recycling initiative which sees one man’s waste another man’s needed item. Vote in its 1st Crafts/DIY competition for the most ingenious upcycled item! Prizes to win.

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Parparellu pastizzerija, Hammersmith, London

Parparellu: a very particular ‘pastizzerija’ near Putney

Parparellu, a Maltese cafe’ in London, creates snacks from the homeland with pride and panache. Joseph, the owner, talks to Malta Inside Out’s man in London.

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Roses love our climate, but we seem to love them only on 14 February

Valentine’s Day Malta style…

Valentine’s Day is something to behold even in a Malta post-divorce law. We ponder the ritual from commercialism & commitment to the romantic & ridiculous.

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Space boy dream Moira Zahra and Mark Scicluna

Comic strip artists & their ‘Space Boy Dream’

Comic strip artists are a growing group in Malta. We talk to the talented creators of ‘Space Boy Dream’; the life of fictional hipster, 23-yr-old Vincent.

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Christmas 'Auguri' billboards from Malta's political parties

Billboard banter, billboard Santa…(and merry Christmas!)

The Christmas billboards of the political parties seem to have back-fired in our eyes. We mull over their banality, and wish you a genuine ‘Auguri’ from Malta Insideout.

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Ivano picking at La Poiana

L’Olio nuovo e’ arrivato! Malta & the Umbrian olive connection

Umbrian olive oil in Malta? La Poiana niche olive oil has a Maltese connection thanks to the hard work and connoisseur passion of one Gozitan couple.

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