Getting Here

Christmas in Malta - Merchant Street, Valletta

Does Malta shutdown at Christmas?

In Malta for your Christmas holidays. Worried you might find the islands closed for business? We’ve glad tidings that things here aren’t so bleak.

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Fly a friend to Malta for free (with luck!)

With Christmas round the corner, start spreading the good will or rather Tweet some. bmibaby is offering three free flights from the UK to Malta in its ‘Free Flight Follow Friday’ competition. Who’s your friend?

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Essential Malta: Importing a Car

Thinking of bringing your car when you move to Malta? You’d better read on…driving it off the ferry and the first six month are the ‘honeymoon period’. After which, there’s a lot to get to grips with, and pay for!

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Expat Insights: a man’s view of a move to Malta

Less time commuting, more time outdoors and a more relaxed workplace. A corporate move to Malta can mean all these for the expat man. But if family’s involved there’s everyone’s welfare to think about.

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Travelling to Malta: what to pack for winter

Forever summer? Judging by this week, it is in Malta. But plan your clothes packing for a winter holiday here with both sunshine and storms in mind.

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Flying into Malta

To be homeward bound is a thing of joy says Leslie Vella, even in these days of air travel. Because Malta from the air is a fleeting, but perfect moment to experience on the final approach to landing.

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