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The end of road for the iconic Malta bus

Malta bus is dead. Long live the King

Another 20th century icon dead. The iconic Malta bus is on its way out soon. You’ve until 3 July to get a ticket to ride it on most routes.

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The heart of the nation

Malta, the tourism destination, is defined by the visitor’s experience not the tourist brochures. But what is that experience? Antonio Anastasi talks about the face, or faces, the Maltese nation portrays.

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And what if the Malta bus were to disappear?

The end of the line for Malta’s ageing bus stock? Some people feel it’s about time a few shining examples were made museum pieces while the rest of the stock is scrapped.

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Malta Bus Blues: passenger etiquette

Malta’s buses might not be the most comfy of rides, but fellow passengers could do their bit to help us make it home in one piece. Irene Scicluna, a long-term commuter, ask us to consider our neighbours when we’re stuck on a bus – if it stops for us that is!

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Malta’s Buses: how to use them & what to expect

Malta’s buses, love them or hate them, add a certain unique, local colour to the islands. We all have an opinion on them, whether we use them or not. Here’s one person’s…

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Get some wheels if you’re visiting

It’s easy to assume that because Malta is small, you can rely on public transport and taxis to get around. Here’s why we think that Malta cannot be experienced properly without having wheels of your own.

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