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‘Venice of the South’: ferry & water taxis across Malta’s harbours

Malta’s water taxi ferry services make the journey not the destination the reason for crossing to Valletta & the Three Cities by water from Sliema.

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Holiday visitors might pay over the odds, but if you're in Malta longer, you'll soon find out where to shop for bargains.

Budget for your stay in Malta

Need to budget for living in Malta? We list ballpark costs for renting property, shopping, entertainment and bus travel to help you plan.

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Abbey Road recreated. A day out with a fab six!

Talking Accessibility, not Disability

Valletta, European Capital of Culture – a spur to resolving long-standing issues of accessibility, not just to our capital and not just for culture?

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The end of road for the iconic Malta bus

Malta bus is dead. Long live the King

Another 20th century icon dead. The iconic Malta bus is on its way out soon. You’ve until 3 July to get a ticket to ride it on most routes.

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Malta loves used cars more than ever!

Secondhand cars now have cache’ in Malta! There’s never been a better time to import what you fancy and the more expensive the better the deal, so they say.

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The heart of the nation

Malta, the tourism destination, is defined by the visitor’s experience not the tourist brochures. But what is that experience? Antonio Anastasi talks about the face, or faces, the Maltese nation portrays.

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Let's just say Malta's roads are challenging....

Cycle for your life

Imagine being able to cycle Malta top to toe traffic free! For now, while this is more than a dream away, we look at what Malta’s cyclists face as we get the bikes out to enjoy this cooler weather sport.

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And what if the Malta bus were to disappear?

The end of the line for Malta’s ageing bus stock? Some people feel it’s about time a few shining examples were made museum pieces while the rest of the stock is scrapped.

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Malta Bus Blues: passenger etiquette

Malta’s buses might not be the most comfy of rides, but fellow passengers could do their bit to help us make it home in one piece. Irene Scicluna, a long-term commuter, ask us to consider our neighbours when we’re stuck on a bus – if it stops for us that is!

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Who’s ever been in a karozzin?

Do either tourists or locals get a good deal from the horse-drawn Karozzin that are part of Malta’s street life? We think not, but read on and beg to differ!

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Malta’s Buses: how to use them & what to expect

Malta’s buses, love them or hate them, add a certain unique, local colour to the islands. We all have an opinion on them, whether we use them or not. Here’s one person’s…

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Expat insights: getting around & shopping

Malta is like ‘Brighton in the Med’ for many British expats, but there’s still a learning curve to life in Malta. An expat of three years talks about negotiating the basics – shopping and driving.

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Get some wheels if you’re visiting

It’s easy to assume that because Malta is small, you can rely on public transport and taxis to get around. Here’s why we think that Malta cannot be experienced properly without having wheels of your own.

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Indicate please! Tips for safe driving in Malta.

Driving in Malta, if you’re new to the islands’ highways and byways, can be daunting. For some, it’s sheer fun; for others, it’s sheer hell. Check out our safe driving tips.

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