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Valletta, Malta, aerial view

Flying over ‘Neverland’: a tour flight over Malta

A flight over Malta in a plane with no doors. Summer madness? No, just the best way to see the islands with nothing between you, your lens and Blue Lagoon.

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Narcissus in a Malta garden

Weather Watch: Malta in March

We’re dying for summer. But don’t be lulled by a bit of spring warmth. Chill and changeable are still the watchwords for March weather in Malta.

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Mgarr from Bingemma Heights. Photo: Leslie Vella

Weather watch: Malta in November

Weather in Malta in November is mild, moist but mostly set fair. You can still swim in warm seas, but you can shiver too!

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May weather in Malta, bursting with promise

Weather watch: Malta in May

May in Malta is a joy. The last green and pleasant days before summer’s searing heat.

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Mizieb Valley, Malta, in winter: Photo: Leslie Vella

Weather watch: January in Malta

Weather in Malta in January is mild by European winter norms, but menacing! Stormy one day, warm sun the next.

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Christmas lights, Valletta. Photo: Leslie Vella

Weather watch: Malta in December

Weather in Malta December is cool enough to put us in the frame of mind for Christmas, but it’s far from cold as ‘Up North’ knows it!

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The Great Wall of Malta

Fortifications, bastions, cavaliers, curtains, ravelins – so many names in Malta for stone walls of various kinds. Discover one that’s low, but still gives you bird’s eye views of Malta’s precious countryside.

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Here comes the rain again…

Suddenly it’s back – water features in our landscape and not just in our swimming pools.

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Living Stones: a brief guide to Malta’s geology

Malta’s rock of ages is actually very ‘young’; a mere 35 million years old. Dinosaurs were extinct 30 million years before our islands were formed! For more incredible geology facts on Malta, read on…

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Discovering a Rock

Little known facts on the Maltese Archipelago’s lesser known island, Comino. If you know only of its Blue Lagoon, read on.

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‘My kinda town’: Swieqi

It’s all well and good to read the guidebook entries, but nothing beats the views of someone living in a place. Here, in our first ‘my kinda town’ post, Andrew Galea Debono lifts the lid on Swieqi.

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Here comes the rain again

Water is always a hotly-debated topic in Malta. The islands are the ninth thirstiest country in the world if you calculate consumption per capita. So it’s little wonder that we have priests praying for water!

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