Buying Property

St Julian's, Malta, Spinola Bay

Living in St Julian’s: property buying & rental guide

Need some help on property buying or renting as an expat to Malta? Try our guide to one of Malta’s most popular resorts, St Julian’s, for a head start.

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Old Gozo Farmhouse for sale: one man's quest to sell his property himself, online.

Gozo farmhouse for sale – how’s that for a blatant ad?!

A blatant advert for a Gozo farmhouse? Not entirely. A good read about one man’s challenge of selling his property himself, online. Can he succeed?

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Tigne Point exclusive housing overlooking Malta's capital Valletta

Renting property in Malta: the sky’s the limit!

Renting real estate in Malta but no idea what property prices to expect for villas, flats, houses in countryside or in towns? Read on…

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The only way is up? Malta’s high-rise property

We’ve limited space, we’re urban, we’re going up. But, asks architecture student Sergei Mikhailenko, are we going up for the right reasons? Are we creating a market for the high rise, or do we really need it?

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Solar Energy in the home: your FAQs answered

Give over geezer! FAQs on installing a solar water heater in the home answered by Charles Yousif of the University of Malta’s Institute for Sustainable Energies.

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All Boxed In

Comparing Malta’s property to that of other countries is a hard task, especially if you’re moving here. So we give you a personal take on its value for money.

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Houses of character. You bet!

Thinking of renting a house of character in Malta or Gozo – a typical farmhouse? It’s not all bougainvillea around the door! But get to know their character, and you’ll probably be smitten though.

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Heating a house in Malta

How to heat a Maltese house, even if only for two or three months a year, is a hot conversation topic here. We run through the more regular heating options and find none really do the whole job well.

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