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Expats & rentals in Malta: advice

Relocation to Malta: rental advice for the unwary expat

Relocation to Malta seems on paper very easy. But there are always the hidden extras, especially when renting a property, that only an insider can give tips on.

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Abbey Road recreated. A day out with a fab six!

Talking Accessibility, not Disability

Valletta, European Capital of Culture – a spur to resolving long-standing issues of accessibility, not just to our capital and not just for culture?

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So many views of Malta. Share yours on our Facebook page.

Malta Inside Out, our Facebook Page & You

Share your views, news, tips and recommendations on our Facebook timeline to complement our site comments.

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Kestrel injured in Malta

Birds love spring in Malta

Spring is in the air. Or perhaps not, if you’re an endangered bird on a migratory route over Malta. Spring hunting and spring migration discussed.

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Roses love our climate, but we seem to love them only on 14 February

Valentine’s Day Malta style…

Valentine’s Day is something to behold even in a Malta post-divorce law. We ponder the ritual from commercialism & commitment to the romantic & ridiculous.

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The Lockerbie Bomber: the play

Lockerbie Bomber: the play and Malta

The Lockerbie Bomber: a powerful drama exploring the immediate aftermath of the bombing is set to be staged in Malta this autumn. We talk to director Herman Grech.

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A north-westerly at Gnejna Bay: photo Leslie Vella

New Year wishes for Malta in 2013

New Year wishes for Malta. A short list of what we’d like more and less of in Malta in 2013.

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Christmas 'Auguri' billboards from Malta's political parties

Billboard banter, billboard Santa…(and merry Christmas!)

The Christmas billboards of the political parties seem to have back-fired in our eyes. We mull over their banality, and wish you a genuine ‘Auguri’ from Malta Insideout.

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A street number for this Little Armier 'boat house': quaintly permanent on what is now 'someone's land'.

Someone’s land is no-man’s land

‘Illegal development’ of the past in those ‘boat houses’ at Little Armier meets the legal ‘rape’ of Malta today with high-rises in Sliema: a short film discusses Malta’s rampant development.

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Tent city, Malta

We’re all in the same boat

Migrants in Malta today are akin to the Maltese migrants of earlier decades. David Carabott says let’s not forget that.

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Learning differently: Waldorf schools emphasise creativity

Schooling in Malta: any room for alternative models of education?

Education, a hot topic. Especially now with the new National Curriculum. We hear from a parent who is keen to pioneer an alternative model of schooling in Malta.

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Costa Concordia in Valletta. Photo: Robert G. Henderson

Costa Concordia: saluting the passing of a ship

Costa Concordia: a case of the local going global with tragic consequences. Thoughts on the interplay between the international cruise business and small islands.

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Lift off to the new year

New Year Wishes 2012

Our wish list for the new year in Malta.

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The Teotronica music robot

Science Brain-drain from Malta & one man’s mission

Science in Malta is seeing a brain drain. But what can halt the flow? Funding the brightest and best PhDs would be a start, says Edward Duca.

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