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Malta has great sites for snorkeling.

Top 5 Snorkeling sites in Malta & Gozo

Our top snorkeling sites in Malta & Gozo. Every suitcase on its way to Malta needs a snorkel packed in it!

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Beautiful blobs that blight some Malta beaches - but only sometimes

Spot the Jellyfish Competition

Jellyfish coming to a beach near you this summer! Can’t swim? Then why not enter the Spot the Jellyfish Competition instead!

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Exiles Beach Sliema, Malta

Exiles Beach, Sliema: Paradise found

Exiles Beach, Sliema, an urban beach that draws a certain crowd. You might not be alone here, but it’s just perfect, says our reviewer.

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Don't rely on instinct, learn to recognise the signs of drowning.

Water play: but swim safely this summer

As we flock to beaches and pools, we point to some essential reading that might help us stay safe in the water and even save a life.

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Swim Safely with Kids this Summer

If you want a truly relaxing holiday this summer with the kids in Malta, then take to the water with them. We’ve safety advice to help give you peace of mind but nothing beats being alert when kids and water are concerned.

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How to keep a child busy for a working day in summer

Junior surprisingly not irritable or bored despite being in the office for four hours and having nothing special planned. Here’s how I survived.

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Ghajn Tuffieha, a beach trip for the fit

Ghajn Tuffieha beach; try it out if you’re fit! There is a quite steep flight of steps to descend to get to the beach which means it can stay nicely empty.

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A Pretty Bay, Malta style

A beach with a blot on the horizon. Pretty Bay would live up to its name, if it were not for the Freeport in front of it.

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Golden Bay

Great amenities. Easy to get to if you have a car; kid-friendly; and always busy with the exception of the odd weekday – though the depth of the sandy beach means that you generally find space.

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