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Holiday visitors might pay over the odds, but if you're in Malta longer, you'll soon find out where to shop for bargains.

Budget for your stay in Malta

Need to budget for living in Malta? We list ballpark costs for renting property, shopping, entertainment and bus travel to help you plan.

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Face of Europa on Euro notes

A note about Euro notes (& pizzas): the new-look €5

Euro note gets a make-over. An advisory on the new-look € notes and their security features. We didn’t grow up with the €, but EU’s 11 yr olds did!

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Birgu Sunday flea market, Malta

Flea market finds

Birgu’s Sunday flea market is as much for the passionate collector as the casual browser. But you’ll need to get up early!

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White Sheep label 2

The White Sheep of Fine Foods

A hub for food lovers. The White Sheep brings Malta unique, artisan produce, fine wines, a delectable deli and a cafe all in one. Plus a 5% discount for Malta Insideout users!

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The brave new world of shopping malls

The Point in Tigne’ is Malta’s largest shopping mall. It opened its doors to the public this week.

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The Bazaar World of Shopping

Malta’s bazaars – sell everything kind of shops. While designer and brand names arrive thick and fast on Malta’s high streets, the local bazaars have thankfully not died out. What would we do without them last minute when we need a tin to roast that turkey?

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Expat insights: getting around & shopping

Malta is like ‘Brighton in the Med’ for many British expats, but there’s still a learning curve to life in Malta. An expat of three years talks about negotiating the basics – shopping and driving.

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Made in Malta Products

In this age of globalisation, some products are still unique to a place. Here’s our round up of stuff that shouts ‘Made in Malta’ at you and is part of the nation’s collective ‘heritage’.

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How to shop at the village veggie shop

If you’re shopping at the village store rather than the supermarket, there are certain things you need to know to prepare yourself. Forewarned is forearmed.

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