Maltalingua, English Language School: adult course poolside.

English language school’s seal of educational excellence

Newcomer among Malta’s English language schools Maltalingua makes its mark on standards with ‘EAQUALS’ educational excellence award.

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Malta National Aquarium

Malta’s National Aquarium: a review

Malta National Aquarium: a Malta Inside Out visit & review. It’s small, a bit pricey but our verdict is it’s worth a visit and a session of ‘finding nemo’.

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Mnajdra temples on Soltice morning

Malta with Children: Try out the Temples

Malta’s megalithic temples can fire kids’ imagination. Our guide to making the most of Hagar Qim, Mnajdra and Tarxien temples with kids in tow.

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Elitennis Malta under 10s programme

Tennis courses for kids the Elitennis way – a whole new ball game!

Elitennis Malta offers pro coaching for kids that’s fun, sporty, sociable and affordable. Give the kids a break from footie & ballet! Book now for autumn courses with our ‘early bird’ offer.

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Beach Tennis Malta

Beach Tennis in Malta

Beach tennis in Malta: a great intro to tennis. Easy, accessible and a break from the surf, find it at Golden Bay.

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Ice cream and more ice cream - kiddy summer heaven

Malta’s long summer holiday: Kids’ views

Kids on the good and bad bits of Malta’s endless sultry summer days.

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Empty desk policy - same as it ever was in Malta's schools

Who let the kids out?

Malta’s school kids have just started their very long summer holidays. But at what price to their education and their parents’ pockets and sanity?

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Children’s ‘parties’ where harmony reigns

Find out about a small, but growing movement in Malta that’s committed to giving children of many nationalities a good time in a spirit of unity and harmony, with some of the party trappings as well of course!

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Let's just say Malta's roads are challenging....

Cycle for your life

Imagine being able to cycle Malta top to toe traffic free! For now, while this is more than a dream away, we look at what Malta’s cyclists face as we get the bikes out to enjoy this cooler weather sport.

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Summer’s Sizzling: our stay cool tips

For those of us staying put in Malta in July and August, here are some ideas on how to stay cool even if you’re hot, hot, hot! Useful advice too for those travelling North to South.

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Kids ahoy! A ship with science & art workshops

Birgu’ Waterfront has a new arrival that’s not a super yacht! MS Hulda is a 100-year-old sailing ship birthed here for the Malta Arts Festival to take us on a journey of art and science. Kids workshops too.

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Not a bridesmaid but a child at Holy Communion.

God Bless the Little Children who do Holy Communion

It’s coming up to Holy Communion time of year in Malta! Liittle kids, angelic in their fancy frocks and stiff suits take their first religious right of passage. Here’s one mum’s proud but bemused view of it all…

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10 ‘what to do’ with kids on summer holiday in Malta

Kids need organising on a summer holiday if you’re to avoid moaning and groaning. We’ve ideas to make kids’ summer holidays in Malta a breeze.

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Childrens’ Events at Malta’s Museums

Hard-pushed parents get some help this weekend with a range of kids’ activities on hand at Malta’s museums and heritage sites. If you miss these, there’s still a lot of arts, crafts and heritage events going on for little ones.

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