St Paul’s Bay

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For the love of Waterpolo

Waterpolo and Sirens, St Paul’s Bay, are synonymous. The place of happy childhood memories of endless summers by the sea. Now though, it’s Sirens bistro that’s talk of this northerly town, even out of waterpolo season!

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Children’s ‘parties’ where harmony reigns

Find out about a small, but growing movement in Malta that’s committed to giving children of many nationalities a good time in a spirit of unity and harmony, with some of the party trappings as well of course!

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First line of defence: Wignacourt Tower

Despite Malta’s urban build up to the shoreline, a few coastal defence towers of the Knights still stand proud. Wignacourt Tower in St Paul’s Bay is the oldest left and makes a small, fascinating museum.

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Walking Qawra Point to Wignacourt Tower

Seafronts are never just seafronts in Malta. A walk from Qawra Point to Wignacourt Tower in St Paul’s Bay is not only good for the body, it’s also good for the soul. There are some fun things to spot en route!

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