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A drink for the patron saint

The Malta village festa

An insider’s guide to unravelling the Malta village festa.

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Pork in the square

The Malta Pork Festival is held on 5th December 2010 in the lovely Siggiewi square.

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Malta’s Steeplejacks

Festa preparations know no limits in Malta. People seem to risk life and limb in making sure it’s alright on the night. But scaling belfries and domes without safety equipment? All part of the tradition!

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Funereal pomp & ceremony

What a send off! Horse-drawn hearse with all the trimmings. Death celebrated Sicilian style. A new trend in funerals for Malta?

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The long Good Friday

Good Friday in Malta is a cocktail of processions, rattles and carcades to seven churches.

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How to survive (and thrive) in village life in Malta

Village life in Malta. It’s not for everyone, but does have its charms.

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A Glimpse of Rural Life in Urban Malta

Malta is beginning to relish its rural past. We caught a glimpse of it in action, both real, recreated and reenacted, at Siggiewi village’s annual agricultural fare.

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Of Falcons & Medieval Festivals

No longer a native, and on display only. But Maltese falcons were once the finest, most sought-after bird of prey in Europe. See them in action though, as Malta revives the art of falconry.

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