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Olive oil in Malta

Ode to Malta’s Olive Oil

Olive oil production in Malta dates back to Roman times. Grab some of this year’s unctuous, peppery delicacy before the harvest is over.

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medieval knights

Caught on film: Mdina Medieval festival

Thinking of going to Mdina Medieval Festival, Sunday 8th? Watch this for a taster. If you’re not in Malta right now, don’t worry, they’ll all be back next year this time for a re-run.

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Mdina Medieval Festival

Mdina Medieval Festival, 7-8 May

It’s that time of year for medieval madness in Mdina. Kids love it, and adults get to be kids. Whatever the weather, go enjoy!

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A Tale of Two Cities

Malta has not one, but two walled, capital cities. And it’s long overdue that they are both recognised as world heritage sites.

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A Passion for Plays & Pastries

The Carmelite Priory Museum, Mdina, is making its debut in theatre with a passion play ‘with a twist’ this Easter.

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Cultural pleasures for free

There’s no excuse not to spend an hour or two on cultural pursuits when they come free courtesy of Palazzo Falson, Mdina. February’s Food, Art, Wine lectures talk about ‘erotic food’ and the ‘healthy’ portrayal of wine through the ages in art. You get to sip, taste and sup a bit too!

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Who’s ever been in a karozzin?

Do either tourists or locals get a good deal from the horse-drawn Karozzin that are part of Malta’s street life? We think not, but read on and beg to differ!

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Holidaying in Malta with kids: visit Mdina

Mdina, one place in Malta that’s great for kids of all ages. It has enough in the way of history, odd-ball attractions, museums, tea & cakes, culture and (almost) car-free space to let kids’ imaginations run.

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Make time for time itself

Even in Malta, a lot of us are time-poor these days and lead ‘real-time’ internet-driven lives. But what of time in the 16th century? Find out at an evening lecture in Valletta, 11 November.

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Kids’ Mid-term Holiday: be creative!

It’s mid term holidays, already. Looking for something different for your kids to do? We’ve found some creative workshops that you might not be too late to join in!

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Food icons: Tea and cake at Fontanella

Tea and cake may be a moment in the mouth, but at least from Fontanella, you’ll have lasting memories of the views from Mdina’s bastions.

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