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Nadur Carnival, 2013. Photo: Mario George Vella

Carnival in Malta 2015: a light and dark affair

Malta’s carnival, love it or hate it, is here again. Kids love it, but it’s got a thoroughly adult and darker side that goes back centuries.

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Lace-making in Nadur, Gozo, Maltese Islands

Nadur, Gozo: discover more than its carnival

The carnival party has left town, but what of Nadur, Gozo, the rest of the year? Elaine Gatt discovers a fascinating village in which to while away a day.

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Cathedral, Victoria, Gozo within Cittadella. Photo: Leslie Vella

The Masterful Master Plan for Cittadella

Malta loves Master Plans for heritage and the environment. Perhaps in Cittadella, Gozo, the master plan comes of age?

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Salt Gather in Gozo by Mario George Vella

The Salt Gatherers

Salt gatherers, rare and rarely captured like this. A centuries-old labour that reminds us Malta’s coast is not all marinas and hotels.

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Old Gozo Farmhouse for sale: one man's quest to sell his property himself, online.

Gozo farmhouse for sale – how’s that for a blatant ad?!

A blatant advert for a Gozo farmhouse? Not entirely. A good read about one man’s challenge of selling his property himself, online. Can he succeed?

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The Crossing

The Gozo ferry is part of our vernacular and our memory banks.

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Pierre J. Mejlak: in his own words

Pierre J. Mejlak is one of Malta’s finest young writers. He talks to Malta Inside Out about Gozo, writing, and his current sabbatical of sorts.

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Essential Gozo: don’t day trip, stay over

On a rushed day trip, you’ll only scratch the surface of what Gozo is all about. We explain why it’s a must to stay there, even if just for one night.

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Essential Gozo: where to eat

A quick, personal round up of the best no-frills eateries in Gozo. Andrew Borg Cardona takes us through the day – from morning cappuccinos to homely lunches and, if you’re still standing, evening dining too.

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My kinda town: Xaghra, Gozo

When a busy lawyer and columnist swaps weekday life in Malta for a quiet bolt-hole in Gozo, you know he’s on to something. Andrew Borg Cardona on why he loves his weekends in Xaghra.

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