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And they put up a parking lot. But no trees, just twigs in tubs.

Saving Malta’s trees. A scorched-earth policy laid bare.

Trees? No, let’s hear it for a scorched earth policy. Peak summer is the time to see the effects of our treeless urban landscape. Who cares?

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Sea daffodil on Maltese beach

How does your garden grow…in a Maltese summer?

Malta’s gardens aren’t only about cacti. But if you want more variety and greenery in your patch of rock this summer, take a tip from garden designer Melina Scodanibbio.

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Bougainvillea in Sliema. Photo Gege Gatt

Easy summer living: patio & terrace plants & tips

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to your patio or terrace. Melina Scondannibio on how to use plants with effect and style in our limited al fresco spaces.

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The Bitter-Sweet Side of Malta

Don’t let Malta’s original oranges die a death. Bitter ‘Seville’s’ were introduced by the Arabs, but are hardly grown here let alone used now. Let’s get marmalade making…

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Got the Blues. Plumbago, Malta’s June flower.

Got the Blues…why we love Plumbago, our choice flower for June. It’s messy, it’s sticky, but it shines on in heat, dust and all. Catch it in verges and plant it in gardens. Pots too.

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Lavender blue, dilly dilly…

Our flower of the month for April in Malta is lavender. Forget it being an old lady’s scent. Lavender is the ultimate heady Mediterranean perfume!

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January is for marmalade oranges

Even if you’re not a marmalade addict, you have to love Malta’s bitter oranges as part of the islands’ (horti-) cultural heritage. Brought here by 9th century Arabs, loved by 21st century British expats and Kinnie drinkers.

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Growing wild: Malta’s Christmas Eve flower

Merry Christmas! So let’s hear it for the poinsettia, the ‘Christmas Eve’ flower. Malta’s non native is thriving well outside, but can be a sad affair on our hall tables!

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