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Autumn Colour in Malta

Our ode to Malta in autumn with a snapshot of countryside in the ‘golden hour’. The season to walk and focus your lens on inland Malta & Gozo.

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Urban landscape in Malta

Malta’s urban decay: discovering Mrieħel

Out of sight, out of mind, out of shape but Malta’s industrial urban decay has its own stories to tell. Stephanie Calleja takes a walk in Mrieħel.

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Kestrel injured in Malta

Birds love spring in Malta

Spring is in the air. Or perhaps not, if you’re an endangered bird on a migratory route over Malta. Spring hunting and spring migration discussed.

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recycle malta dog

Recycle Malta: a voluntary initiative that’s cutting our waste

Recycle Malta is a voluntary recycling initiative which sees one man’s waste another man’s needed item. Vote in its 1st Crafts/DIY competition for the most ingenious upcycled item! Prizes to win.

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A street number for this Little Armier 'boat house': quaintly permanent on what is now 'someone's land'.

Someone’s land is no-man’s land

‘Illegal development’ of the past in those ‘boat houses’ at Little Armier meets the legal ‘rape’ of Malta today with high-rises in Sliema: a short film discusses Malta’s rampant development.

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And they put up a parking lot. But no trees, just twigs in tubs.

Saving Malta’s trees. A scorched-earth policy laid bare.

Trees? No, let’s hear it for a scorched earth policy. Peak summer is the time to see the effects of our treeless urban landscape. Who cares?

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Mizieb Valley, Malta, in winter: Photo: Leslie Vella

Weather watch: January in Malta

Weather in Malta in January is mild by European winter norms, but menacing! Stormy one day, warm sun the next.

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Photo: Daniel Botelho, courtesy of Shark-Lab Malta

Sharks under threat: how you can save them while you shop

Have you eaten a threatened species of shark? They are on our menu in Malta. Play a part in protecting sharks, 21 Oct, at Tigne’ Point.

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Sea Holly on Malta's Sand Dunes: by Leslie Vella

Sand dunes: one of Malta’s rarest habitats

Malta’s sand dunes are a rare but near perfect habitat. Swim, sunbathe, then be surprised to learn of the life within them.

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Beautiful blobs that blight some Malta beaches - but only sometimes

Spot the Jellyfish Competition

Jellyfish coming to a beach near you this summer! Can’t swim? Then why not enter the Spot the Jellyfish Competition instead!

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Traditional Maltese foods now being packaged and marketed as gifts

Food for thought

We see the pretty side to Maltese farming at those agricultural fairs in village squares. But what of the challenges facing farmers in giving us our traditional Maltese food favourites?

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Water, water everywhere but Malta

Countries bordering the Sahara have more water per capita than we do! Malta’s water shortage is its silent crisis. Learn more about our options and strategies.

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Weather watch: April in Malta

The perfect month in Malta – spring weather at its best, the Islands still green and Easter festivities to enjoy. Our weather man gives you the April low-down.

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Sunshine electricity: photovoltaics FAQs

Solar panels are sprouting up in Malta. Ugly they may be, but better long term for our pockets and the planet. Yes, but before you rush and install PV, you’ll need to grasp its technicalities.

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