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Autumn Colour in Malta

Our ode to Malta in autumn with a snapshot of countryside in the ‘golden hour’. The season to walk and focus your lens on inland Malta & Gozo.

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Olive oil in Malta

Ode to Malta’s Olive Oil

Olive oil production in Malta dates back to Roman times. Grab some of this year’s unctuous, peppery delicacy before the harvest is over.

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horse riding in Gozo

Saddling up in the ‘Wild East’ of Gozo

Horse riding along cliff tops with sunsets and coastal views. The perfect land activity in Malta even if you’re a novice rider in the saddle on holiday.

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Holes, once homes. A harsh life now all but erased from memory.

The Cave Dweller: visiting troglodyte homes of the past

Caves were once homes for some Maltese Islanders, and within living memory. Marc Buhagiar visits a large complex that evokes the hardships of this troglodyte past.

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Kestrel injured in Malta

Birds love spring in Malta

Spring is in the air. Or perhaps not, if you’re an endangered bird on a migratory route over Malta. Spring hunting and spring migration discussed.

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Leslie Vella walking in Malta featured

Walking in Malta: from cliff hangers to green valleys

Walking in Malta reveals stunning sea and inland views, heritage treasures and feats of geology. We’ve two give-away copies and a 20% discount on a walks guidebook.

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And they put up a parking lot. But no trees, just twigs in tubs.

Saving Malta’s trees. A scorched-earth policy laid bare.

Trees? No, let’s hear it for a scorched earth policy. Peak summer is the time to see the effects of our treeless urban landscape. Who cares?

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snail in lilly

Shaping up for spring

Spring is shaping up nicely in Malta with a huge array of wild flowers in bloom. Get out and walk to catch them now, at their peak.

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Maltese stone and pumpkins, complementary colours under autumnal sun

Pumpkin: Not just for Halloween

In Malta, a pumpkin is not just for Halloween, it’s for daily life – for stews and soups day in day out, not once-a-year lantern making.

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Lysanne and baby bike copy

e-bike cycling: the clean, green way to see Malta

A more eco-friendly way to get out into the Maltese countryside. MaltAcross, a new, niche business that’s enouraging us all to see Malta off the beaten track.

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Malta's olive harvest

Olive harvest serenade & Tapenade

Olive harvesting in Malta is making a come back big time. We celebrate the harvest season on its way and share our love of Tapenade.

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Comino & the Santa Marija Tower. Photo: Leslie Vella

Comino as you’ve never seen it before!

Comino, so near yet so far. So crowded yet so desolate. An isle of contradictions. Insider Leslie Vella overnights and takes a walk on its wild side.

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Sea Holly on Malta's Sand Dunes: by Leslie Vella

Sand dunes: one of Malta’s rarest habitats

Malta’s sand dunes are a rare but near perfect habitat. Swim, sunbathe, then be surprised to learn of the life within them.

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Weather watch: April in Malta

The perfect month in Malta – spring weather at its best, the Islands still green and Easter festivities to enjoy. Our weather man gives you the April low-down.

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