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Siggiewi Maundy Thursday

Easter in Malta: a quick guide to Holy Week

A guide to Easter week in Malta & Gozo. From solemn spectacles and prolonged pageants to traditions, food and family rituals.

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Feast & Frescoes

A far cry from summer festas, the feast of ─Žal Millieri chapel is a delight and a chance to see some of Malta’s rare medieval frescoes. Open day at the chapel, 27 March.

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Explore Roman Malta on the Feast of St Paul

Pagan meets Christian on 10 February, the feast of St Paul, Malta’s patron saint. A rare chance to visit San Pawl Milqi, site of a Roman villa St Paul is said to have visited too!

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The long Good Friday

Good Friday in Malta is a cocktail of processions, rattles and carcades to seven churches.

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A medieval gem: Bir Miftuh Chapel

Baroque may dominate Malta, but medieval captivates. Bir Miftuh Chapel is an outstanding medieval building. Run by Din L-Art Helwa, a cultural heritage NGO, it’s open the first Sunday of the month.

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The first all-Male voice Choir in Malta

Malta’s first all-male choir, the Cappella Sanctae Catherinae, held one of its first concerts at St. Catherine of Italy Church on 13 December, Malta’s Republic Day. Magical voices, a magical place.

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Malta’s Big Issue: Religion

It dominates the rhythms of Malta’s daily life, from the bells ringing in mass at 4.30am to evening catechism classes for kids. We’re never far from religion in Malta, and never far from hot debate about it either.

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Choice Churches to visit in Malta

A church a day helps you work, rest and play! Good for the skyline, and perhaps good for the soul? Our pick of the best of Malta’s celebrated 365 churches and counting.

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Choirs tune up this weekend

Let the best voices win! This weekend’s Malta International Choir festival may be in the spirit of unity and peace, but there’s a strong competitive edge to it all as well!

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