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Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta

The Essential Malta Destination Guide

We’ve picked out the highlights and unique aspects of Malta and jotted them on an online ‘postcard’ to give you an Essential Malta Destination Guide.

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Golden Bay, Malta, in winter

Enjoying Malta’s beaches in Winter

5 simple, cost-free, pleasurable ways to enjoy Malta’s beaches even in colder winter months. Head seaward and shoot the breeze.

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Sea Holly on Malta's Sand Dunes: by Leslie Vella

Sand dunes: one of Malta’s rarest habitats

Malta’s sand dunes are a rare but near perfect habitat. Swim, sunbathe, then be surprised to learn of the life within them.

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Malta has great sites for snorkeling.

Top 5 Snorkeling sites in Malta & Gozo

Our top snorkeling sites in Malta & Gozo. Every suitcase on its way to Malta needs a snorkel packed in it!

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Tickled pink to get this pole position on the beach!

Beach Guide: sand between your toes

Miles of sandy beaches? Not in Malta. But surprisingly, you can find a great spot to place you towel and chill out, crowds or not.

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Beautiful blobs that blight some Malta beaches - but only sometimes

Spot the Jellyfish Competition

Jellyfish coming to a beach near you this summer! Can’t swim? Then why not enter the Spot the Jellyfish Competition instead!

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Exiles Beach Sliema, Malta

Exiles Beach, Sliema: Paradise found

Exiles Beach, Sliema, an urban beach that draws a certain crowd. You might not be alone here, but it’s just perfect, says our reviewer.

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Searching for evidence of sharks in Malta

Malta hauled the largest recorded Great White Shark in 1987. But just how many sharks and their relatives are out there in the Mediterranean? Malta’s beaches hold some clues.

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Don't rely on instinct, learn to recognise the signs of drowning.

Water play: but swim safely this summer

As we flock to beaches and pools, we point to some essential reading that might help us stay safe in the water and even save a life.

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No Smoke without Fire: banning the beach BBQ

The summer BBQ on the beach has been likened to a Maltese cultural pursuit. It’s certainly an institution. But in a few years, it may be a thing of summers past.

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Swim Safely with Kids this Summer

If you want a truly relaxing holiday this summer with the kids in Malta, then take to the water with them. We’ve safety advice to help give you peace of mind but nothing beats being alert when kids and water are concerned.

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Living Stones: a brief guide to Malta’s geology

Malta’s rock of ages is actually very ‘young’; a mere 35 million years old. Dinosaurs were extinct 30 million years before our islands were formed! For more incredible geology facts on Malta, read on…

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Enjoying Malta’s great outdoors

For a nation with little outdoor space, the Maltese are ingenious about using what there is. And when we do get a whiff of real space, then there’s no stopping us – adventure camping anyone?

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Ghajn Tuffieha, a beach trip for the fit

Ghajn Tuffieha beach; try it out if you’re fit! There is a quite steep flight of steps to descend to get to the beach which means it can stay nicely empty.

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