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Taking up Residency in Malta: Expat Guide

Taking up residency in Malta requires doing some homework and fulfilling criteria, whether you are an EU or third country citizen. See our guide for expats.

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Fishing bay in Malta

InterNations Expat Community in Malta

As expat community InterNations celebrates seven years in Malta on 30 September, we take a look at what it’s all about.

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Expats speed to move accounts after some banks' new rules on minimum deposits.

Banks Closing Expat Offshore Accounts in Malta

As banks start demanding 100K balances in expat offshore accounts, Michael Lavin of Hollingsworth International Financial Services looks at the options.

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AAT Research, Neurotech company Malta

EU Year of the Brain & a pioneering neuro-tech company in Malta

With 2014 designated European Year of the Brain, we talk to AAT Research, an innovative young company in Malta working on ground-breaking, neurotechnology products in the spheres of autism, epilepsy and neuromarketing.

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Maltese festa nougat stall

Cost of Living in Malta: brief guide for [would-be] expats

How much is an average shopping basket? How much are apartment rentals? What about a meal out? Malta’s cost of living in a pocket-sized guide for expats.

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Cathy & James Ashton: new expats in Malta

Expat Focus: moving to Malta with business & family

Moving to Malta with a business not just family is a double whammy. One expat couple discovered it has highs and lows but potentially long-term rewards too.

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Holiday visitors might pay over the odds, but if you're in Malta longer, you'll soon find out where to shop for bargains.

Budget for your stay in Malta

Need to budget for living in Malta? We list ballpark costs for renting property, shopping, entertainment and bus travel to help you plan.

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Face of Europa on Euro notes

A note about Euro notes (& pizzas): the new-look €5

Euro note gets a make-over. An advisory on the new-look € notes and their security features. We didn’t grow up with the €, but EU’s 11 yr olds did!

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Maltese flag

Expats Seminar: networking & doing business in Malta

Expats in Malta arrive at a rate of 3,000 a year. What awaits them? LEAD Events’ seminar, 26 Sept, aims to smooth their path. We’ve 4 COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS!

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Madliena Tower, Malta. Photo: Leslie Vella

Digital Nomads: can Malta attract them?

Jean Galea, a seasoned digital nomad, says Malta can be an ideal destination for digital nomads if put ‘on the map’ and boosted by seriously high-speed free Wi-Fi.

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Votiv icon in Rabat, Gozo

Jobs in Malta: expat insider tips

Jobs might be available in Malta compared to much of Europe, so it seems, but just what can expats expect when they get down to touting their CVs?

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Foreigners enjoying Ghajn Tuffieha. Photo: Leslie Vella

Expats & Jobs in Malta: FAQs

We round up the FAQs we receive from would-be expats and ask a local recruiter for the low-down on what to expect in the Malta job market.

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Queen Victoria, Republic Square, Valletta. Photo: Leslie Vella.

Do Expats learn Maltese?

Do expats bother to learn Maltese? With English an official language, it’s hardly a requirement for living here. But some do. Here’s why.

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Getting a Visa: Expat Insights

Getting a Visa to work here can be a hassle for non-EU nationals, as American Wendie Vandenbeusque discovered. The Malta Visa process, plus some useful links.

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