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Madliena Tower, Malta. Photo: Leslie Vella

Digital Nomads: can Malta attract them?

Jean Galea, a seasoned digital nomad, says Malta can be an ideal destination for digital nomads if put ‘on the map’ and boosted by seriously high-speed free Wi-Fi.

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We are a Kiosk

Digital and native. The Maltese may talk to each other or the world late night on Facebook, but nothing beats face-to-face over a pastizzi in the piazza.

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Preaching to the converted?

Reuben Sciberras’s thesis on the effectiveness of the political media machinery in Malta makes for interesting reading.

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Q & A: Rebecca Cremona, film director & scriptwriter

Malta’s first full-length feature film for the international market is in the making. Its young director / scriptwriter Rebecca Cremona is tackling some contentious issues facing contemporary Malta.

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Public speaking in Malta: time to improve

Toastmasters, the international club to help people gain the skills and confidence to speak in public, is now in Malta. Join up to become silver tongued!

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What the Papers (ads) Say

In Malta, a newspaper’s adverts can speak volumes, if not more about what’s going on than the column inches themselves.

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Typical technology woes of Malta’s SMEs

Most businesses in Malta are SMEs or micro sized. They rely on IT big time, yet most don’t have tech-savvy people in-house and on hand when IT lets them down. IT help desk guru Steve Hall has the survival tips.

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Which Wi-Fi’s for me?

Stonewalling about Wi-Fi? Help at hand in navigating through the options for ubiquitous Wi-Fi in the home, with special mention of those Malta’s stone walls.

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‘Sex & the City’ on Islands in the Sun

Some people think that in Malta, when it comes to media, the mainstream will always secure most attention. Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog is proving otherwise.

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Rainy Days & Monday’s News

Reading the news over coffee in a Valletta cafe this morning, we wonder if it’s last year’s, this year’s or even if it could be next year’s – so predictable are the topics that surface and define Malta.

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WiFi: the Quick Guide for Malta

WiFi in Malta can be scuppered by metre-thick, limestone walls of our ‘houses of character’ or by the reinforced concrete ceilings of our new builds. But Stephen Hall has found the answer to your WiFi woes.

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You can’t judge a book by its cover

The banning of a student publication by the Rector of the University of Malta has triggered an energetic debate on censorship laws in Malta. Andrew Galea offers a personal view of the heart of the matter.

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Discussing digital TV

Everything you ever wanted to know about digital TV in Malta, being discussed at the MCA’s annual conference, 30 October. You’ve a week to reserve a place.

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