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Teodor Reljic [Photo: Jacob Sammut]

‘Two’ author Teodor Reljic interviewed

Teodor Reljic, Serb by origin, Maltese by adoption, publishes his first novel ‘ Two’. Set in Malta, exploring myth & reality through the eyes of a child.

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Learning English in Malta

Why Learn English in Malta?

The English language travel sector, one of Malta’s first niche tourism industries, is stronger than ever. Here’s why people still flock to Malta to learn English.

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What's in a name? Dar, house, plain and simple, says it all.

Maltese literature sans frontiers?

Lost in translation? Very little Maltese literature is known of abroad but perhaps a new and increasingly successful generation of writers is changing all that.

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Pierre J. Mejlak: in his own words

Pierre J. Mejlak is one of Malta’s finest young writers. He talks to Malta Inside Out about Gozo, writing, and his current sabbatical of sorts.

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Living with two tongues

Evarist Bartolo says that the education curriculum in Malta does not reflect the real state of play, where thousands of children are being brought up without a proper grounding in either Maltese or English.

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Malta’s Language Conundrum

Malta may have two official languages, English and Maltese, but unofficially it has an uneasy relationship with both. It just needs to let each language play to its strengths.

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You can’t judge a book by its cover

The banning of a student publication by the Rector of the University of Malta has triggered an energetic debate on censorship laws in Malta. Andrew Galea offers a personal view of the heart of the matter.

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Poetry and Performance

One of Malta’s most exciting young poets, Norbert Bugeja, performs his work at the launch of his new anthology, ‘Bliet’ (Cities). He’s a master of metaphor and relentless teller of stories from cities around the Mediterranean.

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The ‘five-languages-a-day’ poet

Maltese-speaking poet Antoine Cassar is a rarity in the world of literature; he writes in five languages, weaving them into single poems he calls Mużajki (mosaics). See him in action at Notte Bianca, 3 October.

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Xtruppaw, Maltese Satire in the Limelight

Xtruppaw is as predictable as a rubber rugby ball bouncing on a waterbed, says band frontman Jeffrey Galea. See them live at Buskett Roadhouse, 12 September.

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Roll over ‘Gladiator’, we’ve Maltese film makers!

There’s no shortage of panache and passion at the Malta International Short Film TV Festival. Malta may be on the map for the filming of blockbusters like Gladiator, but its tribe of homegrown movie makers is growing!

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The Maltese Language made easy

The next time you’re baffled by an odd Maltese word on a menu or perhaps scrawled on the back of a lorry in the dust, help is at hand with the English-Maltese online dictionary.

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