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Nadur Carnival, 2013. Photo: Mario George Vella

Carnival in Malta 2015: a light and dark affair

Malta’s carnival, love it or hate it, is here again. Kids love it, but it’s got a thoroughly adult and darker side that goes back centuries.

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Lace-making in Nadur, Gozo, Maltese Islands

Nadur, Gozo: discover more than its carnival

The carnival party has left town, but what of Nadur, Gozo, the rest of the year? Elaine Gatt discovers a fascinating village in which to while away a day.

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Holes, once homes. A harsh life now all but erased from memory.

The Cave Dweller: visiting troglodyte homes of the past

Caves were once homes for some Maltese Islanders, and within living memory. Marc Buhagiar visits a large complex that evokes the hardships of this troglodyte past.

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A drink for the patron saint

The Malta village festa

An insider’s guide to unravelling the Malta village festa.

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Prinjolata, Malta's carnival cake

Prinjolata: King Carnival of Cakes

Malta’s messy, gaudy carnival cake is a full-on, in-your-face affair – literally, if you try to eat it. But does anyone really eat it or is it just a show-stopper in café windows these days?

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Mnajdra's winter solstice; the same as it's ever been, tented temples or not t

Winter Solstice at Mnajdra Temples

Nothing will prise you out of bed early in winter? Perhaps only a chance to see Winter Solstice at Mnajdra, Malta’s most evocative temple.

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Imnarja Folk Festival

Imnajra: the folk feast (on rabbits too)

Imnarja is one folk festival that’s not manufactured. It’s an age-old tradition still living on.

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Għanafest: Mediterranean folk music festival

You’ll need a quick wit and quick tongue to sing Għana, but thankfully it’s easier to listen to! Għanafest, 10, 11 & 12 June, Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

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Mdina Medieval Festival

Mdina Medieval Festival, 7-8 May

It’s that time of year for medieval madness in Mdina. Kids love it, and adults get to be kids. Whatever the weather, go enjoy!

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Siggiewi’s Agricultural Fair, 12-13 June

Don’t miss this cameo of rural life from times past at Siggiewi’s annual agricultural fair tonight and tomorrow, 12-13 June. Family fun, food, fun and some truly fascinating rural relics!

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The Legend of the Farmhouse the Devils Built

There’s a strange, abandoned farmhouse on the way to Mellieha Bay. Is it the source of fiction, fact or fantasy? Evarist Bartolo recounts a slice of Malta’s rich, fascinating folklore and myth.

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Walking with Statues

A statue of the Madonna that rings your doorbell. Another of Malta’s religious traditions that’s probably dying out. Has the Virgin Mary visited you recently?

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A Sheep & Goat Affair

Is it a sheep or a goat? In Malta, it’s both! And a much loved part of our heritage. See it and celebrate all things country, at Dingli Agricultural Fair, this Sunday.

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The long Good Friday

Good Friday in Malta is a cocktail of processions, rattles and carcades to seven churches.

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