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Għanafest Malta world music festival 2016

Għanafest, Malta World Music Festival

Għanafest is one of summer’s first outdoor cultural events. This year sees it even bigger, better, and broader as it grows into a world music festival to rival any.

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Siggiewi Maundy Thursday

Easter in Malta: a quick guide to Holy Week

A guide to Easter week in Malta & Gozo. From solemn spectacles and prolonged pageants to traditions, food and family rituals.

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Nadur Carnival, 2013. Photo: Mario George Vella

Carnival in Malta 2015: a light and dark affair

Malta’s carnival, love it or hate it, is here again. Kids love it, but it’s got a thoroughly adult and darker side that goes back centuries.

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Our Lady of Sorrows, Valletta, 2013

Easter in Malta, a photographic prelude

A visiting photographer gives us a fascinating record of the first Easter events in Malta as a prelude to the scenes and mood of the Easter weekend to come.

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Malta Music Week

Big, brash & back again: Isle of MTV!

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year for Il-Fossos. One big-bang gig and one night only has a whole lot thrown at it: Isle of MTV 2013, 26 June.

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Tribali at Earth Garden

Earth Garden 2013: music, art, chill-out, eco-message festival

For a feel-good factor and festival atmosphere second to none, pitch up at Earth Garden, Malta’s only chill-out music and arts festival.

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Prinjolata, Malta's carnival cake

Prinjolata: King Carnival of Cakes

Malta’s messy, gaudy carnival cake is a full-on, in-your-face affair – literally, if you try to eat it. But does anyone really eat it or is it just a show-stopper in café windows these days?

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Malta Jazz Festival 2012

Ten reasons to go to the Malta Jazz Festival 2012

In 21 years, we’ve only missed one Malta Jazz Festival. Kicking off on 19 July, the next three nights sees us happily there again. Here’s why…

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Lady in red: one of four corsair women's tales retold in Old Salt

Old Salt: rubberbodies collective at Malta Arts Festival

Old Salt, by rubberbodies, an original work based on haunting tales of Malta’s maritime history, tells the stories of corsairs’ women. A Malta Arts Festival commission and highlight.

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Madonna: photo Ian Davies

7 parishes & one saint

Piety, prayer, peace and…petards? St Mary leaves her quiet life behind when her feast day, 15 August, comes round.

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Santa Maria, Malta's big festa date

Santa Maria, Malta’s top public holiday

Santa Maria on 15 August is Malta’s top public holiday. Joining the crowds off to Gozo or staying put, you can’t miss its madness.

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World music Malta style at the Beer Festival: Tribali in action

Beer & Bands for the 30th year

Just the combo: beer, bands, a good nosh and a reason to get out and enjoy some cooler air. Farsons Great Beer Festival 2011, 22-31 July.

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Malta Jazz Festival

The Malta Jazz Festival is back

Here’s one of the year’s music highlights and one of our favourite events of the year. The Malta Jazz Festival runs at Ta’ Liesse Valletta from the 14th to 16th July 2011.

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Barbarossa Project at Malta Arts Festival, 12-13 July 2011

Pirates of the Mediterranean: Barbarossa at Malta Arts Festival

Pirates back in the Mediterranean! See them in action at Barbarossa, an epic tale in dance at the Malta Arts Festival, 12-13 July.

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