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Why Learn English in Malta?

Learning English in Malta

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Why Learn English in Malta?
So why do so many students, of all ages, come to learn English in Malta? Is it the crystal clear waters of the southern Mediterranean? The almost unbroken summer sunshine? Or are the language schools here actually just very good?

The answer…
Learn English in Malta and you’ll come across a little bit of all these, and more. Malta has a unique and winning combination of factors that attract language students: English is spoken as an official language in Malta; there are over 300 days of sunshine a year here; and the seas around the islands were recently voted as some of the cleanest in Europe. Added to that, Malta is a safe destination and renowned for giving visitors a warm welcome. Malta is rightly portrayed in language school brochures as a little jewel in the southern Mediterranean, where hopeful students flock in their thousands with their flip-flops, sun-tan lotion and notebooks.

The language study boom
For over two decades, language tourism has been a staple of the Maltese economy. A vast and sprawling area of economic activity touching everyone from the language schools themselves to catering, hospitality and all manner of tourism-related industries. In recent years, Malta has diversified its major sources of GDP, but language tourism is still high on its list of national priorities.

Quality schools: Malta’s checks and balances
Malta has a good system for monitoring schools – the national EFL (English as a Foreign Language) monitoring board checks and reviews each school each year, ensuring standards are kept high.
Learn English in Malta: students at Elanguest With the advent of mass internet communication and the rise of social media, any school giving a poor service is soon sifted out from the bunch by a vast array of student testimonial and community-based evaluation sites. You can’t get away with poor quality, and Malta’s language schools rank high in the world arena.

Where do Malta’s English language students come from?
Everywhere. Traditionally, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France and other European countries sent great numbers of students to Malta, with the hot sun, good schools, English speaking locals, and cheaper prices all making it a really attractive option. These days, however, the island is drawing students from far further afield, with Japanese, Brazilian, and Russian students all arriving in significant, and increasing numbers. All parts of the globe, it seems, have heard of this little island in the sun, and are busily booking English courses all year round.

The EFL Malta survival Kit – bring a towel
So you’re coming to learn English in Malta – what do you bring? Clothes-wise it depends when you’re coming. Winter means it can be cold sometimes, so bring a jacket from December to March, although it’s often going to feel like Spring compared to most of Northern Europe. The summer months – late May to the end of September – mean almost unbroken sunshine and temperatures soaring to 36 degrees at times during July and August. Expect hot days, hot nights and plenty of time spent outside.

Elanguest Malta English language students As soon as it gets warm (May onwards) the entire island moves outdoors, with the beaches and coastline becoming a communal living room. If you’re not at work, asleep, or in the shower, chances are you’ll be outdoors meeting new people, swimming, eating or just lounging around enjoying your holiday. It’s this culture of socialising and meeting new people which students really love. It’s also why so many come back to Malta time and again to make new friends, improve their English skills, and generally enjoy that special something that’s often missing in colder countries.

How do I pick the right school?
It’s a good question, and one many students need to know the answer to. Look for information about a school’s teachers, experience, size, facilities, accommodation, location and activities. Has the school been in business for long? Do they have good reviews? Price is obviously an important factor for many would-be students, but a low or high price doesn’t always tell you very much about the school’s quality. Check out the their website and maybe have a chat with them and see how it goes.

With so much to see and do, so many ways to practice your English, and such an array of facilities, Malta’s a great choice for any language student, whether young or old. So if you’re thinking of booking a language course, give yourself a break, grab your books, and see just how much this little sunny island has to offer.

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