Watercolourist’s landscape of Malta

Entitled simply 'Rdum', ithis is a scene of Dingli Cliffs by Tonio Mallia

We’ve known Tonio Mallia for several years; he’s a close neighbour in the Malta Insideout village of residence, Siggiewi, and been a convivial dinner guest, friendly face in the street, and a great guide when we’ve accompanied him and his dog on walks way beyond the village core. Tonio is a passionate walker, among other outward bound pursuits, and his love of the immediate natural world of the islands is key to understanding the quiet, but powerful beauty of his watercolour landscapes. Tonio is reserved about his work. We found out by chance that he painted, and were honoured that he gave us a painting as a gift. He exhibits selectively, which is why we’re sharing this notice about his current exhibition. Do try to get to Gozo between now and mid February to see it. Here are some more thoughts from the gallery and the details of the exhibition:

An Exhibition by Tonio Mallia

Rusty Mariner by Tonio Mallia Tonio Mallia’s watercolour paintings are irresistible. Their fascination unfailingly draws the viewer closer. Though they may appear bleak, yet each work bristles with indomitable energy. The painter relentlessly experiments with the watercolour medium with the aim of discovering new ways of expression. Mallia successfully makes use of powerful composition, effective manipulation of light and shadow, together with suspenseful climatic conditions, to finally achieve a thrilling result. Chromatic effects are achieved by the excellent handling of the aquamedia, including the blending process or wet-in-wet. Some colours appear to glow while others seem to be deposited sediments in the hills and valleys depicted on paper.

Mallia’s works are to be found in numerous local and foreign collections. The artist has exhibited his works in various solo and collective exhibitions and has consistently drawn positive reviews.

Exhibition info

Ir-Razzett by Tonio Mallia
art..e Gallery is situated at 1, Library Street, Victoria, Gozo. The gallery is open daily from 9.15am to 12.15pm. Private viewing may be arranged by phoning 99804774, 21557911 or by email artgallerygozo@gmail.com.

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