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For the love of Waterpolo

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Some people just take their hobbies to another level…

Meet John and Kynan.  Both spent endless summers in St Paul’s Bay as kids. Much of it at Sirens Waterpolo Club, a social and sports’ venue that has defined St Paul’s Bay for over 80 years.  “I used to wake up, quickly run off to Sirens to swim and play waterpolo the whole morning,” Kynan remembers.  “At one in the afternoon we went home to eat and then my mum forced me to lie still in bed for a tormenting siesta. But after 4pm, I was free again, and back at Sirens!” The love for the place and the sport ran deep; and nurtured to present-day, Kynan has now made Siren’s a second home for different reasons.

Sirens Bistro - lounge-style now!

Sirens Bistro – lounge-style!

When the restaurant, always a logical meeting point for summer residents in St Paul’s Bay, became a little run-down and in need of some TLC, Kynan and John decided to take it over and to try to turn it back into its former glory, with an update, it has to be said!

“We took it over in March this year and started by gutting the whole place. But we still wanted to keep the sense of history about the place; we valued the club’s role in the community and wanted to retain its status as a social landmark in St Paul’s Bay. It holds the same, cherished childhood memories for lots of people.”

Sirens Bistro @ Sirens Waterpolo Club, St Paul's Bay

A totally different Lido from yesteryear coupled with a concept menu too.

The outcome of their renewal of Sirens is a relaxed modern space, with many details kept from the past. An impressive 7 metre-long wall art shows Sirens, and St Paul’s Bay, in the 1950s. The menu is a photo-album with pictures from the 1930s till today. This is clearly a place with history and no doubt some of the visitors can spot themselves in the old prints!

But, with their investment in a bistro-style restaurant, we want to know a little about the food too…

“Since we spend a lot of time at Sirens with our families, we wanted a modern, fresh menu with variety that can appeal to all ages. We want to think of it as Mediterranean Fusion. We have amazing pastas, fresh burgers with the paty made in-house from pure beef, as well as an emphasis, of course, on sea food,” says John.

Sirens Bistro

Sirens is making a name as the place for Sunday lunch out with the family! It’s also perfect at the end of a seafront walk for a coffee and cake pitstop. And with its covered lido-veranda-lounge areas, the bistro is perfect all year round and certainly not only a venue for summer days and nights, however endless a Maltese summer may be! Bookings recommended for Sunday lunches.

Opening times, location, contact details, menus and info on specials, events and more, see the bistro on Facebook.

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