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Home is probably one of the most powerful words in our vernacular. Particularly if you’re an islander.

Small islands need to be abandoned for a while if we want to appreciate them. In my case, it took about ten years. These days, it’s more like two weeks to start missing ‘stuff’.

The senses kick in. First, the colours, the blues and the ochres. Then it’s creature comforts. Spaces, the cat asleep in the garden but with just the slightest twitch of a tail in case something strays into her territory. The church bells every fifteen minutes – hoarse, dour, tuneful, tuneless. The taste of summer, still lingering, almost passing, flickering. A dry prosecco, blood-ret sunset, and the child waiting for an answer to yet another question. The rattle of keys. Books, monitors, comfort in the hum of technology. A door-stop ftira biz-zejt. Sand still stuck between the toes. A shower in the early morning. Full moon, now the spire is no longer illuminated. Crisp linen sheets. Penny for your thoughts.

The video below appears to have hit a chord with both the insiders and the outsiders. I think can you can tell why.

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4 Comments about “Home”

  1. This is amazing, it gives a proper feel of what Malta is all about.

    The iPhone is a great tool, I’ve been collecting bit and bobs of our islands on it too and hopefully one day will sit down and manage to compile something as beautiful as this!

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  3. This is a great video!! It covers everything that makes me want to relocate from the UK to Malta!! I absolutely love the island.

  4. What is the meaning of those padlocks at Tigne’ Point? Not for bikes! Anyone know?

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