Weather watch: Malta in December

Christmas lights, Valletta. Photo: Leslie Vella

December chill? Here’s our regular weatherman, Tony Muscat of with the prognosis for the coming month in Malta.

Although not the coldest month (though pretty chilly right now!), December’s weather is a mixed bag. With daytime temperatures of around 18C, it’s entirely possible to see on a sunny day, the Maltese dressed up in coats and scarves and conversely see tourists in shorts and T-shirts. Even night time averages of 12C are not particularly low.

It may not be the coldest month, but it is the month with the shortest number of hours of sunshine, at 5 hours. And along with November, is the month with the joint highest rainfall of 110mm. With the sea at 17C, only the really brave will put a toe in the water. But it is in fact this sea temperature which has the warming effect on the air temperature, making December often more mild than one would expect. But the heavy rain and swirling wind this early December is making it duvet coat weather, and none too enticing for just T-shirt wearing.

Photo: courtesy Leslie Vella

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