Weather Watch: Malta in March

Narcissus in a Malta garden

The dawning of a new age? Has spring finally sprung? Given the sight of bikini-clad swimmers at Golden Bay last Sunday, election results’ day, we might think we’d lurched straight into summer instead, not just spring weather.  Our weather is of course often the reverse, violently so, of that our northern European counterparts experience. And, with gale force winds, waves of up to 7 metres and a drop in temperatures of 8 or 9 degrees C, the volte face that is March comes our way later this week.  One summer-like Sunday won’t make summer let alone spring, but it is part of our regular mad March weather.

Here’s this month’s general round up by  Tony Muscat who runs, his one-man, home weather station in Mellieha. But don’t blame us if you experience March in Malta differently!

March madness
March is the month when the rainfall starts to diminish and the days start to get warmer. It will still be chilly in the evening at around 12 degrees Celsius, occasionally dipping as low as 8 degrees C, but the days can be pleasant with up to 7 hours of sunshine providing an average daytime temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, possibly going up to 24 degrees Celsius.

Even if it gets this warm by day, consider carefully before jumping into the Mediterranean, as the sea temperature is as low as it gets at 15 degrees Celsius.

The rains in January and February will have turned the countryside green, so combined with the pleasant daytime temperatures, it makes it good for country walks in light clothing by day, but do bring jumpers and coats for use at night.

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